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Old Astronaut

Character I did up in Corel Painter. I'd like to do more character work, and while I feel like I have some catching up to, the dimension of personality is still very immediate and rewarding.

I'm not crazy about the site changes here, but neither do I feel it's right for me to abandon the people here who follow my work. I'll keep posting for now.
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Is that his helmet as an autonomous robot to the right of him? If so, interesting, the only place I've seen that as an idea is in the RPG Transhuman Space where AI and computing is so ubiquitous and cheap that people make just about all their kit robotic, even if not intelligently sapient. There was an item that was a robotic helmet and it was provided as a body template if you wanted to play one as a sapient AI.

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Thanks for staying. I like your style and your worldbuilding :)

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I like your style very much. There is a quality to this character I find lacking in many other artists' work. I get the feeling that this astronaut is much like a veteran construction worker or other tradesman. He's comfortable in the work he does, I think. And all that information is communicated by the expression on his face and his posture.

As for being reluctant to find another site to display your work, I am of a similar mind. I keep getting bots favoriting my work and almost no comments. How am I suppose to improve if no one ever tells me what they think of my art? What good are llama badges? Kids hand them out randomly. Why bother? The trouble I am having is finding a site that does more than pay lip service to sculptures. There seems a strong bias in favor of digital art and 3D models. That's fine but leaves artists like me out in the cold.

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