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Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading somewhere far from home.

Seems like the sort of place you would make a lot of money but miss the people you care about.

It was wrong of me to desert the people that follow me here. I'm sorry. I'm back.
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Nice. I feeling it gives.

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Where else do you post your content? Would it be better to follow you on another site?

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Very nice design! I would love to see something like this in a more detailed take as well.

Fagheddaboutit, you got your own thing going on, and we understand that. Just for the record, though, where are you most of the time if it's not on here?

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Everyplace sucks in different ways right now. Insta should be good, but isn't. Twitter is surprisingly good if you post regularly and avoid interacting with crazy people beyond smiling and nodding. I have an ArtStation account but it's not CGHub no matter how much they play at it. Feels cheap, and organic traffic is mediocre.

My best advice is to cultivate audiences, not platforms. Do stuff people enjoy and let them know where you can be found. Be approachable but don't pander.

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Tip from the horse's mouth: "Spam" your creations on all relevant platforms, including Subreddits. Have a handy link list ready for whenever a new artwork is to be uploaded. Outreach is key, sir. :)

I personally find DevianArt better than most for reaching people, art-wise. But I also understand the idea of cultivating audiences. If you draw it, we will come. Just point us in the right direction.
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Beginning of a new colony outpost on a new planet ready for settlement?

I like how all your machinery tends to be either anachronistic or folded up.

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