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Ice Ghosts
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Published: January 5, 2017
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The fate of the Petropavlovsk is finally known, if not her full story. She had been buried in the ice for several seasons, and was only made buoyant again by a runaway reaction in her oxygen plant. The explosion that resulted from this led to her discovery by the American outpost on Attu. What they found in the wreck has never been made public, and the fire which unfortunately followed erased all evidence of what the doomed warship brought back from Mars.

Kismet Clarke’s illustration for the Post does show several interesting features of the wreck, including the loss of her outer impeller to the grinding sea ice. The rather overbuilt planetary gear mechanism is partially visible. Also of note is the minimal damage to the heat funnels and relatively lightly built upper works, indicating a landing rather than a crash. Of course, the article did not discuss the dream plague, and even now such things are not discussed in public.

Another illustration for Spacecraft of the First World War. Happy New Year! (Download for 4K resolution)

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CoffeePilotHobbyist General Artist
Very cool as usual.
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This work is good... if the foreground and background were separate works entirely. Er, I mean, what you've got here is an excellent foreground piece with the American by the truck, but those super-rectangular ice-burg thingies in the background just don't convey any sort of scale.  What's more, those ice-chunks looks more like packaging peanuts than mile-thick slabs of subzero awesome! What's worse, the ship doesn't really look big either, unfortunately. In fact, it looks like the guy would have to hunch to fit in the control tower!

Probably these perspective issues stem from the fact that the brushstrokes on the ship are same size as the strokes in the foreground and the brushstrokes on the mountain, which gives everything a kind of same-y blurry look. If this were all done with a finer brush, things would be fantastic.
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MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Yes, this is a rather awkward transitional piece from when I was switching over to Painter. I should probably either rework it or do something else in its place.
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To be fair, I've never painted anything so my comments were pretty much coming from nowhere.

If you are gonna rework it, though, I'd highly recommend doing that instead of outright "[doing] something else", which I'm interpreting as "replacing". And this is me trying to subtly direct your work here, but since the lore behind it involves discovery and reverse-engineering, maybe you could do an "after" piece, using American research teams and their equipment to convey the size of that spacecraft -- maybe also it's sinister-ness.
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MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Thank you, I'm very flattered. :)
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Oh, I actually had a question about the universe in Spacecraft of the First World War. Is there a 'Jutland'-style equivalent battle that happens in this space-based WW1? Or what would be the largest ship-on-ship engagement in that war?
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MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
That's the strange thing about the conflict- it lacks decisive battles upon which the action turns.  Certainly there are battles of significant size, but they're more like Dogger Bank than Jutland. To a large degree the thinking of the general staffs on both sides hadn't fully accounted for the distances and difficulties involved in warfare of this nature. The various empires of Earth had been off balance since the invasion, and this trend continued as the rules rapidly changed. This isn't to say that the leadership was stupid or anything as simple as that, but rather that the information just wasn't there to be interpreted.
CerebralError's avatar
Ahh, okay! Thanks for clearing that up! =)
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PonentguyHobbyist Traditional Artist
great drawing!
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Avarus-LuxHobbyist General Artist
unfortunate fire.... right.... something smells like a coverup here :)
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SirReddingtonHobbyist General Artist
Very Nice.
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Really nice piece especially how you shaped the ice around her hull.
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So that's where my ship went....
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MetalSnailHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work, I love the sky!
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