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Dual Environment Transport

This is the base configuration of a ship I'm going to do versions of at various points in its service history, from freighter to gunboat to pirate et cetera. I may also do a ghosted view to show the internals.

I've posted a revised version. It didn't have the finish I wanted, so showing the transformation of the vessel over its life would have been more difficult.
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I really like this idea of showing iterations of a ship over its history, really solid little design as well - I personally would love to see an internal view!

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Great work as always.

With some modification, it could turn into "aircraft carrier." With fighter arriving at top rear as landing platform and then launched below.
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you know... It has some TAU feel (from the 40k universe)
may be a cargo or civilian ship
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That's really cool. Great job!

Intriguing idea. I look forward to seeing the result!

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A little bit tube of toothpaste shaped...great detail
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it looks awesome but from a certain angle it looks like a mach 3 shavers stand. 
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Very Homeworld esque. Love this. 
Kinda reminds me of the Kadesh
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