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Cyclops III Book Spread
By MikeDoscher   |   Watch
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Published: June 14, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 MikeDoscher
This is a page spread I've mocked up for a possible book project I'm working on. For now, I'm calling it 'Working Boats of the Outer Planets' though this may be subject to change. It's a first draft, so the art and text will certainly see a bit more polish before I submit it anywhere.

Here we go. Wish me luck!

Edit: Downloading it will make the text a bit more legible, fyi.
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Hi! Long time no see/post from me. I recently got a 3D printer, and just found my old 3D render of your design. Could I have your permission to print it out? Ok, it's for personal use only, so I don't need to ask, but thought I'd let you know in case you wish to see it too. Or if you have any ideas for what to do with it. :)
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MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Of course! Sorry for my delay in replying, things were on a desperate footing for awhile. Hope you're well, and my message is still relevant. I'd love to see the print when it's done.
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nighthawksighingHobbyist Writer
Love it. Do more Okay...keep it going...will be watching.
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The detail in this is amazing. Thanks for the hard work.
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Very good schematic. God speed with your book.
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Zark32Student Digital Artist
It'Fantastic! E' Bellissimo!

L'Italia è Bella
akvish's avatar
Great Work! Good luck and Best Wishes.
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Sagittarius-A-starStudent Digital Artist
Nice schematic!! It reminds me of the books full of diagrams, cutaways, and exploded views of real ships, planes, and spacecraft I always loved since early childhood- only with a futuristic spacecraft instead of a modern or historical craft. This has a nice grungy, industrial look, a bit like the vehicles from Alien. :ninjastar: :teleport:
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Mag-levHobbyist General Artist
Looks like a schematic for a real vehicle O_O Great work!!
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MistikfantasyHobbyist General Artist
No words for describe how much i like this work.
Guard81's avatar
I would kill for a plastic kit of this. Seriously.
MikeDoscher's avatar
MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Well, some of my other designs are being executed in resin... ;)
Guard81's avatar
What? Where? When? By god excelsior, why did I not know sooner!?

MikeDoscher's avatar
MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Well, there's this fellow: [link]

I did the model for it: [link]

I'm also doing some postindustrial terrain for them, but that won't be out for a little while.
Guard81's avatar
Ah yes, I recall seeing that. Looks like a good kit resulted from your work. Your work being a good thing. :)
Satoshi-Vampire190's avatar
good desing...the articule is interesting detail
pinoypencilpundit's avatar
i have a secret fascination with everything that has a cut thru sectioning...
MikeDoscher's avatar
MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Well shoot, looks like it's not a secret anymore. ;)
Lefla's avatar
that's the kind of concept I really like. it's kind of easy to design cool looking shapes but placing all the functional elements inside is really imaginative. Hat off :)
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jlfrolicHobbyist Artist
Im modeler and here can find inspiration. Good work.[link]
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CUTANGUSProfessional Digital Artist
These full-of-detail presentations are an engineer's delight!
Are you going to publish a catalog to similar works?
MikeDoscher's avatar
MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Something like that. I'm working on a book project that is a mixture of cutaway spreads like this and digital paintings. Both will have accompanying text. Ideally, I'm trying to mate elements of the old Terran Trade Authority books with some of what I liked from the Doring Kindersley cross section books.
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ScifiwarshipsProfessional Digital Artist
This is really brilliant stuff man. I am very impressed, and will buy your book when you get it done...
I am very interested in your book concept as I want to do the same, and I'm curious as to how you angle it. Are jou just focusing on the vessels themselves or do you plan to make an elaborate back story to provide a setting fore these craft? Also scenery, will you be making pics of these ships in their working environment?
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MikeDoscherProfessional General Artist
Thank you. I look forward to selling you a copy when the time comes. =)

The approach I seem to be settling on is a sort of hybrid: A short intro and timeline at the beginning, and a couple brief narrative pieces in the main body of the work. The bulk of the setting will be presented indirectly, through the individual spacecraft descriptions. Most of the spreads will be paintings like this: [link] I figure only about 25% will be cutaway drawings. My structural approach is very much inspired but the old Terran Trade Authority books, particularly 'Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD'.
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