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Weeping Angel

By MikeDimayuga
whatever you do, DON'T BLINK!!!

the image of an angel BECOMES AN ANGEL!!!


(idea for a t-shirt. art on the left plus text in front, other art on the back. 16x9 for wallpaper. i wanted to turn it into a gif too, but too lazy. i wanted to animate it like the angel was coming closer and closer.)


UPDATE FEB 25 2011:

FYI, i've put up a red bubble store where you can purchase the weeping angel shirt if you're still interested.

go here: [link] if you're interested. they're about $25 plus shipping.

my red bubble store: [link]

good luck!
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Someone that you don't want to play "Red Light, Green Light." with 
gordhanx's avatar
Awesome! Love the details, poses and shading.
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An image of an angel IS an angel...BEWARE
TheDrummBanger's avatar
This looks looks just like something out of the comics. Awesome!
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Too bad you couldn't get the other print on the back..
I'd love to have one!

but.. Doesn't let you print on both front and back?
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don't turn you back
don't look away
don't blink
your life could depend on this
whatevere you do, just remember: don't blink
Good luck.
(or something like that)
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that was pretty good! :)

I was watching that episode today *looks around* good, no angel statues.
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just you wait. they'll pop up when you least expect it. :)
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And dont forget to not look in their eyes for to long because Then the image in Your head of the Angel wil kill you
thatart213's avatar
Phhht. Like I believe in all this Weeping Angel stuff. *Scrolls down to leave a comment* I'd sooner believe in the Easter Bunny than-- *WHOOSH*
MikeDimayuga's avatar
mwa-haha! my angel's killed dozens of people aldeady! :)
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Don't blink, don't blink, don't blink
MikeDimayuga's avatar
and another one bites the dust! the angels will be pleased.
UnionCitySurvivor's avatar
could have been worse, it could have been SCP-173
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*purposefully blinks, even turns away* "Nothing...." *scrolls down, scrolls back up* HOLY SHIT!!!!
MikeDimayuga's avatar
haha! another one bites the dust.

RIP XyndnyAlpha.
XyndnyAlpha's avatar
I turned into an angel :3
natheroscryolevont1's avatar
Hey, mind if I use the first panel for a design of mine. I really can't find anything in that precise position for it, and I have to make something for an outline version of it (the design) to place on a magic circle.

Oh, and my characters blinked, leaving me alone with the image of an ang... Uh-oh.
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