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The Last Of Us- The Journey

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Combination of great arts!
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Beautiful .. Just.. Cry forever 
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Dude, this is epic. Honestly the best fan art I've seen for this masterpiece of a game!
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Hello, the great people at Naughty Dog wanted us to contact you. They are a fan of your art. Would you want to submit to our The Last of Us fan contest…
SPlapin's avatar
Mike was the one who did this? Ah geez,
Blurr-Art-Studio's avatar
This is wonderful!

(I just finished this game at 3 am this morning :XD: Loved it!)
MikeDimayuga's avatar
thanks! glad you like it. and i TOTALLY understand why you'd stay up till 3am. :)
Wisdom-Thumbs's avatar
Wow, how did I not see this? It was waaaaay back in my notifications.

I love it! The style reminds me of some comics and coloring books my grandmother used to have when I was a kid.
MikeDimayuga's avatar
haha! glad you like it! 
mikeexner3's avatar
Such an easy fave. Brilliant work on these, Mike. That last one is a perfect bookend.
MikeDimayuga's avatar
thanks dude! kind of a relief to have finished it.
Agent-Munky's avatar
NO! Not the feels! I love this game...and cried a little at the beginning and the end
MikeDimayuga's avatar
haha! yes! mission accomplished! :)
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All my feelings. I wanna play It for the rest of my life, over and over again, but I need to finish uncharted and stuff. This looks so amazing and arghh...beautiful.
MikeDimayuga's avatar
thank you very much! that's the reaction i was looking for.
TheHika's avatar
Wow, you triggered all my emotions from the game. Awesome job!
MikeDimayuga's avatar
thanks! that's what i was aiming for.
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this is great
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