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The Last Of Us- Summer

i like when you're just hangin' out in the game and ellie hums what sounds like a rock song. i keep trying to figure out what it is. anyway its another little thing that makes ellie cool. anyhoo, i imagine joel and ellie bonding over shared appreciation of 80's rock. (plus i thought it'd be cool to draw people playing musical instruments.)

this is part 2. unfortunately, i'm putting these out out of order.

part 1 (spring) can be found here:…

part 3 (fall) can be seen here:…

part 4 (winter) can be seen here:…

all the pieces together:…
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Ayy get it Joel! hahahah
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Carry On My Wayward Son, that's what they're playing XD either that or some Metalica
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Is it possible to get this as a print?  If so, please, take my money.
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Nice piece! I read somewhere that the "rock" song Ellie hums is the opening bars to "Growing Pains", a 90's sitcom that the voice actress starred in as a little kid. :P
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ohhhhh i love thisssss *0*
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thank you so much! i appreciate it.
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:D Pleased to see you rocking some Last of Us fanart. Nice work!

P.S. I owe you an email.
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i got two more in the pipeline. :D

looking forward to hearing from you.
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I know that ellie hums the theme song to Uncharted, not a rock sound but it might sound like one when she's humming *shrugs*
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all i could hear are three or four bars of random "nahh, nahh, nahhh". i didn't recognize it as the uncharted theme. makes sense though. you're most likely correct.
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Faving for Ellie wearing a Def Leppard shirt!
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haha! thanks!

oddly enough i was humming van halen's 'jump'...:)
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