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The Last Of Us- Spring

one of the proudest moments in my childhood was learning to whistle. once i learned how, i whistled all the time, and would irritate everybody around me. in ellie's case, i imagine things would be a little more dangerous...

this is part 1.

part 2 (summer) can be found here:…

you can check out part 3 (fall) here…

part 4 (winter) can be seen here:…

all the pieces together:…
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Ellie did it again 😁
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Seriously. She started doing that sneaking past some clickers. I thought Joel would yell at her.
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Great game but the AI is off at times.
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I can lamoust hear how that goes :p
Nice work c:
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"Oh good, something else you can annoy me with."
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The more of these you do, the more I enjoy them. Played and beat the game (should have been writing) and every time Joel yelled for Ellie I wondered why I wasn't swarmed with infected. lol
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thanks mike. just one more and i'd finally have gotten this out of my system!
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So much funny, you have great ideas, please don't stop!
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thanks so much! i appreciate it.
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hahaha this is exactly what i thought when she was whistling in the game. :D
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i know right? its a cute little throw-away, but very human, moment that stuck with me.
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This is really good :)

Can't wait for the final part. Keep up the good work.

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thank you! glad you like it. i hope part 4 lives up to the hype... :)
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