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The Last Of Us- Fall

fan art.

-this will be a thing. there will be a few more (about 3-4). this is part 3.
-there will be a rough narrative.
-unfortunately it will be out of order. when i complete it, i'll combine all the parts and tell a rough story.
-i don't have a PS3 so i've never played the game. i did he next best thing and watched a 7 hour video. yes, its fantastic, and that's why i did the fan art. :D

part 1 (spring) can be found here:…

part 2 (summer) can be seen here:…?

part 4 (winter) can be seen here:…

all the pieces together:…
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"wow!! how... how the hell do you even walk around with that thing?!"
Why are the pages stuck together?
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I haven't played it either but I saw a 'Teens React' video and I've been hooked ever since.😊
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"Um... Joel? The map says: 'Here be Clickers'!"

"Where doesn't it? Don't worry, baby girl! I got this one!"
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another last of us fan!  :D 
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Kinda reminds me of Real Steel.
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lol Joel kinda looks like george lucas on here
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Great job. The Last Of Us is one of those rare gems, in which you can enjoy the various cinematic versions without being a game player. HBO should adapt it into a 4 part mini series ;)
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HELL YEAH THIS IS HERE TOO. I have had this as my phone wallpaper for some time now! :--D I just love everything - colors, details, textures..

And how Joel smiles. I really like his smile.

Awesome job! With all of them. *-*

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Totally badass :p
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haha I can't remember but isn't that a porn magazine Ellie's holding?
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Haha! Yeah it was 'bear skin' a gay porn magazine. I was wondering if anybody would remember. :)
acri8dmody's avatar
hahaha gay porn omg
Yeah I remember, even though I didn't actually get to play it because I don't have a playstation |:(
But I did watch the entire playthrough on Pewdiepie's channel
MikeDimayuga's avatar
yeah, i don't have a PS3 either. :D
i watched a different playthrough (a 6-7 hr video on another YT channel). i did watch the final part of pewdie's video (to get his take on the ending). i imagine i'd find his running commentary distracting if i watched the whole thing! :)

i don't know if anybody else noticed the magazine. it had "bear skin" written on the cover with a picture of a naked male torso. haha! i didn't put that in the drawing to keep things classy. people can assume its the comic book instead. (which i can't remember the title of. i just remember the tagline "endure and survive".)
acri8dmody's avatar
hahaha yeah lol Ellie is pretty funny sometimes, I hated the ending though... it was unsatisfying. It would have been better in my opinion if he had decided to leave Ellie to the fireflies and idk killed himself or something.
But... that would be way too sad :'I
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i think your version is MUCH darker! haha! you prefer ellie and joel dead? ;)

i think how it ends depends on the person.

for me, i thought it was not-quite-a-happy-ending.
yes, joel did lie. and i think ellie KNOWS joel lied, but she also knows the reason why. her love for joel makes her look past it and give him forgiveness.
as for the fate of humanity; IMHO, while there's no cure yet, life goes on. people adapt. at that point in the story, i'd be more scared of live humans than clickers.
there will be other chances at curing the cordycept/other immune people. 
acri8dmody's avatar
Yeah being more scared of people than the infected is quite reasonable haha
But yeah idk I think it would be a little better of an ending if they died just because it would leave you with that empty feeling inside when you finish a really good book or something
MikeDimayuga's avatar
totally reasonable, and valid interpretation.

me, i like happy endings. ;D everybody gets to live! 

(well, not 'everybody' obviously. :) you know what i mean.)
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Father and daughter on a highway to peace.
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They aren't related... l:
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Doesn't matter they're family whether they're blood related or not.
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