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Mass Effect 2- Miranda

so i'm playing through mass effect 2 right now and i'm enjoying it tremendously. miranda is one of the characters and she's based on a really beautiful actress. anyhoo, i was inspired to create...

patrick nagel is one of my favorite artists, and i thought it would be cool if i made a mass effect picture in his style. he's worth the google search if you are unfamiliar.

b&w version: [link]
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Reminds me of Nagel, very nice.
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thanks! isn't nagel great? ;D
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Beautiful art :love:
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I like this. I still can't face how Miranda's face looks just like Michael Jackson's rofl.
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noooooooo! how could you say that? now i can never look at her the same way againnnn! ;D
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Very well done :)
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this is so bad ass. superb.
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thanks dude! one of these days i wanna do another one.
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thank you! i appreciate it.
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great job- like the nagel homage...
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thanks! glad you got the reference.
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No problem, I am just stating the fact ^^
Recognized the Nagel style, and had to take a closer look. You did an awesome job! Love the clean lines and use of color.
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thanks! nagel totally reminds me of my childhood in the 80's. hopefully, i'll get inspired to do another one.
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I straight up saw the Nagel inspiration
(going to get that collection book)
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ooh thanks! i'm kinda surprised not a lot of people know his work. (i guess you have had to grow up in the 80's or something :D)
and yeah, get that book. totally worth it! i found mine at a dusty old comicbook store for like $10.
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got it for about the same
didnt grow up in the 80s (born in decem 87) but went through alot of my moms stuff and watch the stuff that comes on. plus theres a bit of a come back with stuff.

sadly though he will never see it, but he was featured in this march mag of ImagineFX
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