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Hawkguy and Kate

here's another quick one from the ol' sketchbook. i thought it would be interesting to try to draw somebody giving a piggyback. its not a total success, but there's enough there that i know i can draw a better version if needed.

i'm also playing around with a more animated style, and see what drawing that way feels like. its an adjustment. you can see i fall back to my usual habits. i just have to wrap my brain around it.


(on another note, i don't know why piggybacks are such a romantic staple in anime and korean dramas. i would think carrying the girl the regular way would be more romantic since you're more face-to-face with the other person...)
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This is an AWESOME style!

Artists can depict characters as being more emotive when they aren't locked in the rigidity of realism. 
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This is perfect. This is exactly how these two are with each other. Friends, loyal partners and constant pains in the ass to each other. I love it.
Dude, love this.
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thanks so much man!
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kate bishop. she took over form clint when he died. these days they kinda share the name hawkeye.
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Dig the style, Mike! And I'm not sure about the piggyback thing either. Maybe it's like a nod to childhood enjoyment/innocence?
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thanks man! i gotta show you the conept art for my little personal project i told you about! very happy with what i got.
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Yeah you do! I've got some stuff to show you too, actually.
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