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this design is loosely based on david aja's sketches in the first trade of the hawkeye relaunch. needless to say, aja's design sketches are awesome. i basically cherry picked elements i liked and pimped it out (which, i realize now, defeats their original intent of a minimalist, functional street level uniform. oops). i really like the idea of the beanie and shades substituting for the traditional cowl and mask.

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Hawkeye's dopey mask is one of my favourite super hero comic things no one does anymore. The beanie and shades is a great substitute and now I really, really want Marvel to start doing it. 
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Really awesome design. It sorta has this extreme sports-style look to it which really fits Hawkeye rather well.
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Seriously, Hawkguy should wear this in the comic. And wear the shit out of it.
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haha! thanks man. that would be awesome.
This is several magnitudes of awesome.
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thanks! i really appreciate it!
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Bandana was a nice touch!
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its a beanie though. take a look at the hawkeye tradepaperback, you'll see more of david aja's designs.
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everybody loves Hawkguy. this is awesome btw
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