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Catwoman- BnW

i saw the batman: arkham city trailer a month ago, the one featuring catwoman. i liked what i saw and it inspired me to do a quick sketch.

gonna do a more proper arkham city fan art, hopefully in time for when the game comes out.

colored version: [link]
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She's more beautiful than in the game.
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really awesome work, can i ask how long it took you to be able to draw bodies
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how long to learn? maybe a few years to understand how the body looks and works. plus another few years to do it well. frankly i'm still learning. i've been drawing since kindergarten.
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great drawing of her. :)
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thanks dude! i got another catwoman coming up soon.
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Don't know if it just me but Catwoman is way better than Blackcat in my opinion. I really like the way you made her from your B/W to color.
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i agree catwoman is better than black cat... then again, CW has had years of character development and is still viable outside the bat family's shadow (relatively).
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That could be it I don't know much on the history on the women, but as far as Catwoman on screen history there been many sexy women even Halle Berry which let face it eye candy only not the best actress sadly.
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