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Assassin's Portal-- part 1



i've been meaning to draw ezio for the longest time, plus i just finished playing portal 2. i LOVE both games, and decided to combine the two together.

when you think about it, both have lots in common (at least chell and desmond do). and when i thought about it some more, i could totally see how they could meet each other (i mean chell and ezio as desmond).

and yes, you read that right: there will be more parts telling a rough story of their meeting (at least 2 more). yes, there will be bad guys. yes, there will be assassinations, and portal making.

as for the games themselves, well they're about my favorite games ever. simply wonderful. portal 2 was FANTASTIC. shooting the moon? ugh, it gave me CHILLS, its so brilliant.

needless to say, its roughly widescreen for your wallpaper needs.

pencilled version here: [link]
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