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Assassin's Portal- Part 2



the assassin's creed and portal crossover continues!

after meeting and saving each other's life, ezio brings chell to the assassin's hideout in the catacombs. to show his gratitude, ezio presents chell with some new threads, the better to blend into the crowds of renaissance italy. whats more, he commissions leonardo davinci to modify chell's portal gun.

(FYI, i imagine the portal gun to be quite modular; able to easily beak into its basic components, to make it easier for technicians to repair. its all a matter of distributing the modules along chell's arm and around her body. also, i imagine the casing to be very durable, considering the amount of punishment it takes during testing. lastly, i realize the portal gun is next to useless outside aperture since surfaces aren't covered in moon dust. so just go with me here.)

needless to say, its in widescreen for your wallpaper needs.

there WILL be a part 3...

pencils only version: [link]

PART 1: [link]
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This is an awesome and well-executed idea, I like the portal gun arm piece the most!