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Starting with page 14 of Dark Avengers #9, I'm back inking normally my work ( with brushes and pens instead of the "tight pencils" I've been using since Punisher War Journal #4 ). I'm faster inking now than a few years ago so it took me even less time than working with "tight pencils". But the main reason to the change was that I missed working with inks and I wanted my work to look better. Hope you like it.  

Mike Deodato, Jr.

PS: To anyone willing to talk to me, please write me directly at
Some people think my pages are inked but they're not. At least not nowadays. My last inked work was for Ultimates annual and for a few cover recreations.
In my new style I don't ink the pages. I do very tight pencils, then I scan it in grayscale and darken it in Photoshop. Then I add the whites with a brush and do some cleaning and it looks like it is inked in the end. Just to make it clear. :)

Mike Deodato Jr.
Dear friends, my name is Januncio Neto and I am a member of the Studio Made in PB, I am now responsible for administering the gallery of Mike Deodato Jr. Here in Deviant Art
Due to its commitments professionals Deodato is unable to update its work as often necessary.
As might wish to accompany several people work on Deodato in Deviant Art, I was authorized by it to post their work and thus put the provision of all your fine work.
Despite its commitments Deodato gives the comments and appreciates the attention and affection of all.
I hope I can do a good job for all the friends of the Deviant-Art

Thank you to all.

Januncio Neto



Caros amigos, meu nome é Januncio Neto e sou membro do Estúdio Made in PB, atualmente estou responsável pela administração da galeria de Mike Deodato Jr. aqui no Deviant Art.
Devido a seus compromissos profissionais Deodato não tem condições de atualizar seus trabalhos com a freqüência necessaria.
Como era desejo de várias pessoas acompanhar os trabalhos de Deodato no Deviant Art, fui autorizado por ele para postar seus trabalhos e assim colocar a disposição de todos seus belos desenhos.
Apesar de seus compromissos Deodato confere os comentários e agradece a atenção e o carinho de todos.
Espero poder fazer um bom trabalho para todos os amigos do Deviant-Art.

Muito obrigado a todos.

Januncio Neto