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The Deadsea Desert by Mikedeangelo The Deadsea Desert by Mikedeangelo
This is a piece we worked on with Azot2018 a little while back.  This is a desert on Tellest that once was a sprawling marine habitat.  It almost looks alien in its presentation.  It'll be fun to explore this locale!
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heytherel Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018
our first story is going to take place on a planet that suffered a catastrophic magical disaster so desert is going to be a very prevalent environment, stories are usually going to take place on different planes, they aren't going to take place in homeplanets like Earth but those planets(or rather the civilizations on those planets) will still make impacts on the other planets.
think that could work well?
Mikedeangelo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018
I absolutely do.  I think as we go forward, people are excited to see beyond what we currently know.  Exploring what-ifs is a lot of fun for people who love sci-fi and fantasy, so I think exploring a new planet will work out very well.
heytherel Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018
the planets that the stories happens are colonies from one or more culture from one or more homeplanet, we are still gathering more ideas on how to create exotic backgrounds for the homeplanets of most races, there are two homeplanets that we managed to almost complete it's background, Earth and the other one is an Earth "counterpart"(it's a planet with similar structures and societies, the animal lifeforms are similar but not exactly the same, plants are almost the same), it may sound a little silly to have two similar planets but we wanted to have a race that looks different from humans(they are somewhat like humanoid griffins) but having a default culture that isn't different from humans(they don't need to be adopted by humans to have a similar culture).
Mikedeangelo Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
I don't think it's silly.  When you think about how we've evolved, it was probably only small changes here and there that got us to where we are.  It makes sense that in a similar world, the tiny changes that they had in their environment would end up changing certain features.
heytherel Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
the major attraction of that race is that you can have a character that looks pretty different from a human but acts just like a human, since their planet is basically an "Earth counterpart" their culture(food, technology, etc) is pretty much the same(with a minor difference in some areas).
of course any race can act like a human if they were raised like one, but there could have some limitations due to their bodies(ex: a herbivore race wouldn't eat steak), races does not have built-in subjective values(ex: personality, culture) so you can mix a bunch of cultures, since the races have pretty much the same intellect potential they can learn from each culture without a problem.

one major detail of this universe is that "races" are pretty much superhumans by real life standards(even the humans), so things like receiving minor injuries from being directly hit a barrage of bullets or a nuke is pretty much normal.
Mikedeangelo Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018
I want to be able to survive a direct hit from a nuke!
heytherel Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2018
the major reason for making them on "superhuman" levels is to make longer combat scenes, having the characters being able to take a good amount of hits rather than rely on plot armor and "deus ex machina" stuff, every race has a special resistance to certain damage types like explosion, fire, etc, the reason for that is to make the gun battles being more about guns rather than "explosive spam", explosives, flamethrowers, etc, are very useful against buildings and vehicles, in short, guns are good against soldiers while explosives, flamethrowers, etc, are good against vehicles and buildings.

the minor reason is to allow races with increased toughness to shine, the fact that a race is "tough" wouldn't mean much if they were still instantly killed by a single shot(or maybe two) in a world with automatic guns.

well that's the idea for combat that we came up with, in your opinion, do you think that this is silly?
Mikedeangelo Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
I don't think it's silly!  I think you're right, that you wouldn't want to introduce this brand new race that had all the same kinds of vulnerabilities that humans do.  Half the fun could be finding ways for humans to adapt to these seemingly invulnerable aliens, and figuring out ways to stand against them.
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