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The Real Ghostbusters - Toys

The Real Ghostbusters from the late 80's. My kids have had great fun playing with these recently! :)
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"RGB" was kind of a toy-driven cartoon, right?
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This is one of the rare shows that transcends generations. I have 1 of the figures from this series, and it is sitting on my desk. I actually think these were the best ones, as they looked exactly like the characters in the show as far as the outfits are concerned. I love the collage effect in this piece and the ability to see them from all sides. Great collection (I'm jealous!)
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Thanks! They were one of my Favourite toys as a kid. It's nice that now my own children are enjoying playing with them. :)
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Awesome collection dude! You have them complete with their weapons and ghosts! If you like take a look at my 80s toys gallery and you will see a few of the other Ghostbusters ghosts there.
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Wow! you still have them will all the stuff! and in great condition also! some of mine are fadded. and you had Janine! I never had her as a toy.
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They were in Fairly good condition, Only peters proton pack gun had a small piece missing, Saying that ever since my kids have been playing with them 2 other proton packs have needed a spot of super glue! :)
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hehe yeah, well at least they are enjoying them as much as you did as a kid! The old toys are the best! :)
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They sure are, I've got loads more I'm gonna upload soon. I've found so many things I forgot I had -I feel like a kid again, The truth is iv'e never really grown up, I must be on my third childhood by now -LOL!
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Cool! look forward to seeing the other goodies you have found! :)
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Um, I am the only human on this earth....who ate the ectoplasm that came with the the Ecto-1. Yes, I did. My bro had the Ghsotbusters figurines and I ate the ectoplasm. Sniff* O____o*
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LOL - What did it taste of?
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I have no idea! lol! I was 2 yrs old when I did it! Probably tastes like nasty old crayons! LOL!
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Sweet nostalgia!
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That is sooo cool!
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The only toy I remember is the car. Could that be posted if you have it :)?
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Unfortunately I didn't have the car. I always wanted it though...:(
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