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Doctor Who - Cassandra Lasagna

"Moisturise Me! Moisturise Me! The Lady Cassandra - Lasagna Topped with Red Pepper and Radish...
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Pffttttt.... oh-my-god!! This is genius!!!!!
*holds her sides with laughter*
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Awesome! Whats them pupil (the black part) made of?
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Lasagna O'Brien.Δ17
This. Is. AMAZING! xD
Thanks for the genius, Mike! I'm about to start on our Cassandra for a party of very excited Day of the Doctor Whovians!
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You're welcome. You'll have to post some pics!  :)
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Moisturize me! ...with sauce. 
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Love it! What are the pupils made of? They're so spherical :)
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Whats the center black part made of?
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Sooooo... now I know what I'm doing for my Christmas Lasagna...
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Wow :O That´s an excellent idea :) Well done :)
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im laughinG SO MUCH OMG
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hehe wow! And the name rolls of the tongue. Cassandra Lasagna! hehe
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