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Carturian Strut

These creatures are omnivores that feed primarily on the carturia grape plant to which the Carturian Strut's name derives. They obtain a toxin from these grapes and are capable of channeling a potent dye to their feathered shoulder blades.
Carturian Struts prance around with a wide galloping strut. The bright colorful feathers are used in both mating displays and to ward off larger predators, warning them that their blood and flesh are poisonous.

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A collective of sketches by concept artist Mike Corriero including hundreds of pencil and pen drawings covering robots, environments, alien life forms and tons of creatures. Hope you enjoy.
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Vivienne-Mercier's avatar
I love how you can fit multiple limbs onto your creatures and make it look as if they would actually work in real life. I guess that comes from intensive studying of animal and insect anatomy. You must spend a lot of time studying nature in all its wonderful, bizarre, and amazing forms.
SwampLogger15's avatar
Cool! And kinda cute! :) :D
FCLittle's avatar
I really love your pushes me to try harder, to create new things.....with this, I just noticed the wonderful plant to the right.....excellent stuff!
BlkBullet23's avatar
I really like the color scheme on this guy.
Those arms are also really cool along with that plant thing in the back. Is that smoke comeing out of it?
Oh.. if you were referring to the thin lines coming out of it.. that's a part of the plant, thin/stiff cacti needle/vines. Plants in real life have a similar appearance, just not as long or high as this.
Thanks. On the right, above the small plant is a larger ant just pushed back by lightening the values. It was just to add to the vingette.
El-Moppo's avatar
I Loves It! :D <3 :)
El-Moppo's avatar
marshmellowbrains's avatar
I like the colours. =] I find him rather cute.
Thanks, yea he's not really a threatening creature, I could see how he could be "cute".
MetalSnail's avatar
Awesome as usual!
I went to buy your book on Monday, the website said it didnt exist anymore, I'll try again tonight.
Yea, try again.. occasionally lulu has been down for maintenance so who knows what they're doing.
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