Ancient Sanctuary

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I'm always inspired largely by Asian culture, both in myths, architecture, design etc. I forget the name of the Temple but reference was used for the Sanctuary.
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BabakoSenHobbyist General Artist
I think the temple you referenced for the central building is Todai-Ji.
Just googled it because it's been a while.. yup that's the temple.
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TheGeckoNinjaHobbyist Digital Artist
asian culture always had the coolest buildings c:
I agree 100% some of the most interesting and beautiful architecture can be found in ancient temples, pagodas etc..
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TheGeckoNinjaHobbyist Digital Artist
totally ^w^
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Isuzu-Rin-KakuriHobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing great detail makes me squel with delight seeing this pic i luv it
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luv2rite22Student General Artist
I have completely fallen in love with this picture...I really love it...
thank you, if you like.. prints can be ordered here: [link]*
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epic. this reminds me of guildwars factions..
Thanks, this was actually produced back before Guild Wars existed but I'll take the compliment :) the game is packed with beautiful imagery.
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jaymyccahHobbyist Traditional Artist
wonderful piece of art
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stunning picture!!! The colours make atmosphere mysterious and piculiar!!! Love your picture!!!:heart:
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you're welcome!!!
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This looks so beautiful and tranquil. :heart:
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sanctuary is the title for my art exam and this pic will go beautifully in my sketchbook : D ....... if you don't mind... ; P
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Awesome detail on the structures. And that atmospheric depth tingamabob makes it look very mystifying. :D
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This is gorgeous, I love all of the details in this. Great job as always. :D
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No problem :)
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DygeraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, awesome work^^ (shadingtutorial please)
If I had more free time I really would break it down and try to help with a tutorial. Perhaps when I have time I'll make a little time lapsed youtube video...though I'm really busy atm.
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