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Wolverine VS Sabretooth Commission

I really enjoyed playing on the size difference with this one but also making sure Wolverine looked like he could still win. Anyway, hope you guys like it and drop me a note if you're interested in getting a commission! thanks!
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Can't go wrong with these two in a snowy canadian background. I will mention I think it may lend to the overall look you were trying to pull off, Logan has a smaller head and large torso, which gave him a larger bulkier look, while Creed has a larger head and smaller torso, which takes away from his beastly image that he has.

Put hell, that is a minor observation as you killed it with the background and you just know these two are going to tear s*@% up!
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nice drawing!! love it :)
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Wolverine and Sabretooth are how old now? You old farts need to get along xD

Great piece Mike, always deliver with incredible art
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Can't even remember why they started fighting? Hey is wolverine still 'dead'?
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From what I've seen on the internet, Wolverine is still dead and has been for about a year now. Although, considering that every comic he appears in, boosts the sales of that book... I don't think he'll be dead for long 
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Thanks man, just checking out your gallery now!
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That battle!! this is so cool!
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Mike this is crazy awesome!!! Great piece!
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Thanks Claudiu, love your work btw!
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I appreciate that, coming from a master like you! Keep up the great work ;)
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this is awesome man
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always enjoy your work-would have loved to see sabre tooth in his original costume tho' :)
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Hmmm...will think about it. I still have the original but it's up to the client!
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completely understood!
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