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This fan art by me was based off the arcade game which was based off the Pryde of the X-Men pilot episode.
I had hours of fun playing that video game back in the day.
I hope you guys like it :) 
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Great artwork, and I must agree it's a great game too.
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Cyclops and Dazzler look super amazing here, thnx so much for posting this.
"No place to hide, no place to run
The mutant age, has no begun!"
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Classic Arcade fun!
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While I can understand why "Pryde of the X-Men" wasn't successful, it's still a great little cartoon.
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Man I Totally Remember That Pilot, Little That We Know It Would Take Haim Saban To Bring The X-Men To The Upstart Fox Kids' Children Television Network In 1992!
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Welcome to DIE! X-CHICKENS! 

I love that you captured the animated style of the game. :D

Btw you can download the X-Men: Arcade game off Playstation Network. I got mine on my PS3 and you can play it with other players online. :D
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Awesome work.  :heart:


Oh gawd ... I drove my roommates in college up and down with that video.  My copy from back then is gone now unfortunately.
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I'll mail you a dvd copy if you want, I'm serious.
I'm not so sure on Wolvie's voice there but it's still a bad ass cartoon, if you love it that much you deserve it. 
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Thanks, but it's ok.  :)
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And a bunch of other guys.
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Wait... there's OTHER people in that picture? :)
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It would seem so. Some Aussie in a Wolverine suit at least.
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"HAHAHAHA, X-Men Welcome To Die!!!!!!!!!"
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Bwuahahaha unforgettable !! :D 
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Yeah, I still have it on my X-Box 360
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Totally retro, bro!
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You know me, I love retro!! :P
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