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Toxic Crusaders

By MikeBock
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Hey everybody,
Here is a new pic based on the Toxic Crusaders. I loved these toys back in the 90s and of course I also love the Toxic Avenger movies. They are hideously deformed creatures of super human size and strenght
This pic is a mix between the cartoon design and the toy. :) 
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Toxie and his girlfriend.

Oh, yeah, that's Melvin Junko in the background!
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man i love those guys!!!! Skullicon  
i have all the figures!!!
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Awesome me too those figures were amazing! 
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Another great cartoon :love: I loved that they expanded the universe of the movies with the other characters in this cartoon and made it into their version of the Justice League or Avengers. :XD:

Beautiful work on the characters, I especially love how you did Toxie and his slime mop. (All great 80s and early 90s toys had slime) :iconclapplz:

Btw you know how you always wanted Rambo with G.I. Joe? I always teamed Toxic Avenger with the Ninja Turtles as a kid. :XD: 
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Thank you so much my friend and it is so true what you said all great 80s and 90s toys had slime, those were the best. 

Toxie and the Turtles was perfect team up  I used to play with both of them and they teamed up all the time. Those two toylines were meant to be together hehehe 
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No problem :D

I know. I miss the Evil Horde Slime. That shit was my favorite. The TMNT Ooze and Ghostbusters Ectoplasm were close seconds. :iconsplatplz:

Nice! :D

And right? They could have intermingled no problem :XD:
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Thank you very much :) 
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My pleasure.  :heart:
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I love the toy shout out with the ooze on the mop.
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Oh you noticed awesome!! :)
there gross ( but they still get girls ! ) 
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That's right! :D 
And hideously deformed  creatures with super human size and strenght  
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Troma be praised.
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Thanks buddy! :) :) 
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These guys are incredible!
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They are awesome! 
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