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Teela's trainning

Teela begins her trainning to become the new Sorceress
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Cool idea, I like it. I wish He-Man's strap was more complete, but I know you changed it probably to add more uniqueness to the costume. Good work.
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Thanks man! The armor is based on the 200x figure, that's why it's missin one strap ;)
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Love seeing the Filmation version of Ice Armor He-Man and Battleground Teela! Faved!
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Great pic, especially with the Sorceress in the background. :] Yet again you didn't draw He-Man's sword scabbard. :[
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Thanks man!
Hahaha not in this one because he's IA He-Man and doesn't have one. ;)
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Great pic, yet again you didn't draw in He-Man's sword scabbard.
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I love Teela with her hair down and the winter look for He-Man :clap: But isn't Teela a redhead?
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Yeah she is, the thing is that this version was based on a Teela fromm the DC comics which had blonde hair.

MOTUC is releasing a figure of this Teela and they called her Battle Ground Teela.
But they never explained why she has blonde hair. I guess she dyed it.
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Oh I didn't know that. I never read the DC Masters of the Universe. I only ever saw the Marvel Star comics brand which were pretty tame and the Image/Devils Due or whatever company that made them for a while.

I always liked her best as a redhead. :P
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Hey you can't go wrong with redheads :P
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Yeah, Don't com crawling to me when your training doesn't prepare you for a cold.
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He-Man does not look impressed :D
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LOL He totally doesn't! :D
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LOL I share his view :D Not a fan of the costume for winter climes. Either that or Eternians feel no cold :D Should be interesting to see what they plan to do with her Sorceress form.
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Gorgeous! Someone already beat me to that joke, but she now reminds me more of Snowflake from that one Filmation episode. not really Teela IMO. Great job :w00t:!
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Thanks man! I uploaded the wrong file.
This is not the finished piece. :P

I'm uploading it right now.
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The first step: hair dye!
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