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Rambo GI Joe

By MikeBock
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Cobra Shit just got real! 
Rambo meets GI Joe 
Always wanted to see this happen.
Fan art by me :)
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Man how cool is that? LOL
Can you do one with Mr. T and Gijoe? Remember Mr. T's cartoon, that would be cool
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Hahaha! Pefect! Is this from Rambo and the forces of freedom?
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Amazing crossover!!!
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wish this happened to thanks
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Yeah me too thanks! 
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I think it almost did, didn't it?
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No they were planning to add Rocky to the line  instead but not Rambo  
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They make a very cool team. :)
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They do !! :) 
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Nice work FYI Rocky Balboa was almost made into a GI Joe but Stallone gave his likeness to make the Rambo cartoon instead 
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Yeah but Rocky did not fit with the Joes anyway. That made no sense. Rambos was a better option. 
Then Big Boa was born XD LOL 
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Actually Big Boa was originally created to be Rockys Storm Shadow in the franchise 
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Very cool.  While I never saw any of the Rambo cartoons, I had seen all of the GI Joes, thanks to the box set I got this past Christmas.
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Thank you :)
Oooh nice you got the Joes box set that is awesome congrats 
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I always thought this should happen. Rambo fits so well as a GI  Joe.
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Yeah it needed to happen.  Rambo is the perfect Joe 
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Becoming war is the other half of the battle.
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Bwuahahaha Now we know! 
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This would have been amazing if it had happened :XD: Great job mimicking both animated show styles :iconclapplz:

I loved both of these cartoons and the Rambo toys were pretty awesome for the time. :D

I was always disappointed they could never work out that deal with Stallone to make Rocky into the trainer of G.I. Joe. At least they kept his arch enemy on the Cobra side was Big Boa. 
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Thanks buddy I wish this had actually happened back then. It has always been a dream of mine seeing these two properties together 
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