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Fright Features Egon and Gooper Ghost

By MikeBock
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Hey gang here is another pic based on the Real Ghostbusters.
This time I drew once again Egon but his Fright Features version and the Gooper Ghost known as Sludge Bucket.
I love drawing the Kenner toys in the toon style.
I hope you guys like it.  
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I love your style! It looks so much like a high quality RGB episode.

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Should have broken the tie lol
It's very rare to find this Egon with an intact tie
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Bwuahahaha that damn tie!! 
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I absolutely love this! For my money this was probably Egon's best outfit in the action figure line. I always loved the design of it being a casual uniform for lab work in the field. :D

Also great work on Sludge Bucket. If I recall right the action gimmick on him besides the wiggly tongue was it made huge slime bubbles to trap figures inside it's mouth. :XD:

I look forward to you doing more of these toys in the animation style. It really makes me wish they had included them in episodes :love:
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Thanks a million my good friend! :) 
I agree with you I loved this suit and it was definitely one of his best looks. The design just works perfectly.

I am cooking up more GB pics. Stay tuned :) 
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Welcome :D

I think a lot of the alternate uniforms in the toy line really nailed the personalities of the characters and I'm glad someone else feels the same about it. :handshake:

Sweet! I can't wait :eager:
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Why is he wearing a different uniform?
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This is based off an action figure from Kenner
It was a variant of a series called Fright features. 
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Oh, thanks for the tip.
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I still think that egon should have warn that suit in the show at least once. it's his best look.
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Yeah me too I loved this look!! 
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An awesome pic Egon is my favorite ghostbuster :D
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Thank you so much! :) 
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Egon finds ghostbusting pretty fascinating.
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LOL he does doesn't he?! :D 
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Great work!  I love the look of determination on Egon's face!
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Thank you so much! 
Well you know Egon he loves what he does. 
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