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Warrior Fairy

Hey guys "Warrior Fairy" sketch to start the day(sunday)  about 1h of work, I reeeeally like painting little people ahah 

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BEAUTIFUL! You also have a stunning gallery 😀
FaeAnanke's avatar
I like Faeries... Thank you!
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Such detail and beauty ! :O
warriorsgirln1's avatar
oh how I wish I could!😦
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This is amazing! Really beautiful work. This is so awesome for just one hour...
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
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I keep coming back to stare.
Looking great ")
3spacial's avatar
This is a fantastic!!
Nemesis-504's avatar
what programs/tools did you use to make this?
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Hello! I used photoshop…

I have a process video of the first 30 minutes of this painting! :) better than explaining ahah
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Damn! Awesome piece!
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It's so stimulating for the mind! Beautiful imagination
ValentinaRDEste's avatar
Love the colors and the brush strokes. Great work :)
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Awesome stuff! :nod:

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The matchsticks on her back are cool. I like the idea of little guys using re-purposed things.
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That took just one hour? That's fantastic!
RoseHeartStudios's avatar
This is great!  Are those matchsticks she's carrying? :)
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Hey, who knew the modern version of the 'fay/faerie' could be badass. I love the way you have drawn it too, with those textures and the detail in the insect. I'm guessing it's either a winged ant or a dragonfly.
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