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The armored cyclops (advanced version)

and this is the Advanced version fo the previous card.
hope you like it! :)

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stereotyped as nothing new, all taken from games
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This is amazing work - how long did this take??
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man do you like terrifying dark and big and scary and let's kill the world creatures.
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This one is insane!
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woah the lighting in this painting is AWESOME! great stuff!

mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
one of my favorites from Cryptids because its not overly decorated
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Oooh. Even more intimidating.
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Love your work!
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WOW! That really fantastic! Loved it!
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srsly this guy is so funny, i can hear him go gawwbblrlarrghbarf in my mind
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Destruiu!!! :D
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your art is so so great! love your style man ;)
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wow really really nice :D 
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ow man this is amazing
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that's great piece of art!
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wow this looks amazing! 
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Awesome stuff!
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Holy shit.
Ur lighting, shading n colouring is bad ass!

Dig that stuff... thanks for sharing ;)
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