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Astolfo, the Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon  and girl
was a big challenge, learned a lot! Kind of following the trend of my last dragon, the fire one 

more stuff at:

hope you like it! :)
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Wow, this looks just amazing! 

May I ask what program do you use?
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Hello! I'm writing an article about Ice Dragons (as found in the works of George R.R. Martin) for May I please use your artwork (with all credit to you) within my piece?
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Wow, his wings are wounded pretty bad.
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awesome work!
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this is... somewhat me :3 waoww
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This is amazing. 
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astolfo hauhauahuahauahuah
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Absolutely love it. 
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so realistic it's amazing
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do tell the story behind it, please..
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I really appreciate it when people are placed next to such massive things. I love context, and scale definitely falls into that category. :)

I love that internal glow. It's about the only redeeming quality of Smaug in The Hobbit movie.
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Great artwork I like your style and your brushes.
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Muito bonito, pintura incrível, cores lindas.
Mas a anatomia do dragão está estranha de novo =/ a boca tá torta..pernas pequenas, cabeça grande..
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The blue and detail are very icy looking and really stand out, I like the head of the dragon.
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Absolutely incredible I love it!
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incredible artwork!!!!! respect!
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The bright blue accents are DA BEST.
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This is soo awesome!! Waaaah! 
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