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This is where information about other characters, supporting characters, recurring characters and minor characters will go. Information may change from time to time. Characters may be moved around as well.

Name: Dmitri
Age: 19
Appearance: Golden blonde hair with red orange highlights, violet eyes, fair skin
Typical apparel: Red collared shirt with white stripes, white undershirt or light grey undershirt, khaki pants
Interests: Coffee, scrapbooking, roller skating, ice skating. Secretly likes gardening.
Personality: Runs away when times are bad, does not own up to his mistakes, repeats the sames mistakes, wants to change for the better, nervous when left alone, scared of not fitting in
About: He's the type of friend who would leave you to take all the blame while he runs away. He dislikes Kerrigan. In Dmitri's mind, Kerrigan took his place as Ren's good friend. He hopes to rekindle his and Ren's friendship. No matter how much he complains about it, Dmitri cannot get Shawn to stop calling him "the creepy stalker guy".
During Dmitri's childhood, he was friends with four other boys, including Ren. Ren was often declared the 'old maid' and would frequently be imposed on to receive the blame whenever the five of them got into trouble. Dmitri went along with the other three boys' actions and did not condone their behavior against Ren in fear of not fitting in. In one instance, they all entered a rumored haunted house and three of Dmitri's friend's locked Ren inside a dark room as a test of courage. Ren ended up panicking when he saw a figure looming over him and ran into a bookshelf, which fell on top of him. The figure turned out to be a mannequin. Ren had to be treated for a broken arm and leg afterwards. At that point, Ren severed his friendship with Dmitri and the other three boys. Ren transferred to a different school shortly after.
Request 28 (For Mike16r) by Meli-Melon Kerrigan and Dmitri by Skeletonny Request: Ren and Dmitri by nayght-tsuki Request- Ren and others by AlineSM Mike16r Alice OC request by minsunwolf :thumb321452595: Request : Mike16r by Hishimy :thumb321999905: Req: Mike16r by TalonDragon000

Name: Brett
Age: 22
Appearance: Blue eyes
Likes: Baseball, track, talking, friends, ice pops, snow cones
Dislikes: Studying, licorice, science, having nothing to do, being alone
Work/School: Works at Green's, full time student at NSCC (North Side Community College)
Externally sunny: Brett is often seen smiling and laughing. At work he puts the 'smile' in 'service with a smile'. In reality, Brett has a poor self image of himself stemming from his family life, past and Jan, his twin. Sometimes at night, Brett will cry and drink his sorrows away. At times such as those, Brett will tell himself over and over that he is a failure.
Talkative: If the situation allows, Brett can be seen talking a mile a minute. To keep the conversation going, Brett would ask the other person about themselves.  
Clingy: If he knows someone long enough and is comfortable around that person, he tends to stick to that person like glue. He may continuously call that person to meet up and text that person as much as he can. He will even ignore social cues that he is given.  
Not the brightest crayon in the box: Scientific and mathematical talk only confuses him. If the conversation someone is having with Brett is too complicated, he will only pick up a few words or phrases. The rest of the words only come out as "blah blah blah" to him. Now, if a person were to bring up the topic of baseball, Brett would spring up, grin and start talking at a quick speed, not even giving them so much as time to reply.
Accommodating: He'll help with housework, wait for a late friend, open doors for another person, and shine shoes.  
About: Brett grew up with 4 siblings that were close in age, one of them being his twin Jan. In his household, being one out of five children meant that Brett had to compete with his brothers and sisters for attention, which Jan made it harder to do. Because of the fact that he was a twin, he was often being compared to Jan. While Brett excelled in sports such as track and baseball, Jan was academically gifted and popular with both his peers and teachers. Jan showed promise in academics, whereas Brett had trouble with his studies and maintaining above average grades. After graduating from high school, Brett immediately moved out of his house and into a dorm at NSCC. Ever since he was young, Brett had wanted to go into pro baseball. He gave up that dream in his senior year of high school.
Sketch com : Mike16r by nekoyasha89  Brett wip by Mike16r 

Name: Jen (Jennifer)
Age: 19
Appearance: 5 ft and 4 in, hazel eyes, braided ponytail, glasses
Typical apparel:
Interests: Wolves, dogs, spending time with family
Work/school: Classes
Personality: Has good morals, most likely wouldn't do anything that would get her in trouble, strong sense of justice, hardworking
About: Jennifer has a close-knit family that support each another along every step of the way. Jennifer's family owns several pets that are all loved and cared for. Jennifer and her friend Jean look as if they could be sisters, though their personalities differ greatly. Jennifer is the middle child in her family. Her family voluntarily lives without internet and cable television. Jennifer cares deeply for her friends and will not back down to people who would otherwise threaten or harm them. At times, her friends Scott and Rita make silly jokes with her to which she responds with "You two are not getting behind me on an escalator." Jennifer is for the most, away with her duties as a marine. She comes home on a few occasions.
  • Listening to: Song covers
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Games
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Water


Mike16r's Profile Picture
I enjoy drawing what I'm in the mood for. I like listening to music, playing video games and reading.


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