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Lightroom Preset - Whitman Cinematic Warm

By mike-whitman
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A warm cinematic preset for Lightroom.

I have other presets. I will make them available, based on the response from this one.
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Thanks for uploading, Mike

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Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
how do I download this? where is the link?
How do I download this?
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Woo, I'm going to try this one out. Thanks for sharing
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used it in high fashion. great stuff thank you!
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thats realy nice... but where is it?

i am never used lightroom. how can i use this preset. can u help. 
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This is really nice but it overrides the lens correction settings which is a bit inconvenient if you've already set those.

I fixed this by opening the preset file in notepad and removing the following lines:
LensManualDistortionAmount = 0,
LensProfileEnable = 0,
LensProfileSetup = "LensDefaults",
ChromaticAberrationB = 0,
ChromaticAberrationR = 0,
Defringe = 0,

While I was looking I also removed these because I think they may clash with other things:
CameraProfile = "ACR 4.4",
ProcessVersion = "5.7",
CropConstrainToWarp = 0,
PerspectiveHorizontal = 0,
PerspectiveRotate = 0,
PerspectiveScale = 100,
PerspectiveVertical = 0,
AutoBrightness = false,
AutoContrast = false,
AutoExposure = false,
AutoShadows = false,
ColorNoiseReduction = 25,
ColorNoiseReductionDetail = 50,
LuminanceNoiseReductionContrast = 0,
LuminanceNoiseReductionDetail = 50,
LuminanceSmoothing = 25,
GrainAmount = 0,
GrainFrequency = 50,
GrainSize = 25,

I removed these too as I'd prefer to keep my own settings for them, this is just personal preference:
SharpenDetail = 25,
SharpenEdgeMasking = 0,
SharpenRadius = 2,
Sharpness = 110,

And finally I made a copy without the exposure changes so it would warm an image without changing the exposure adjustments I'd made, for which I removed these lines:
Exposure = 0,
FillLight = 75,
HighlightRecovery = 0,
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whats a preset and how is it different form an 'effect'?
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This is an amazing preset. Thanks :D
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