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RAHAEL Book Cover Design

BOOK COVER - The Chronicles of Raphael - FULL 3D RENDER :floating:

Cover design done using Adobe InDesign and Phtosohop.

Cinema4D R11.5 RENDER
Advanced Renderer using GI (Global Illumination) and PyroCluster and a complex light and reflection system.

This is a MultiLayer & MultiPass Render. The final image resolution is about 5000 pixel.
The Angel is a V4 Mesh with improved texture shaders.

Everything in this image is 3D rendered. I used the C4D module PyroCluster for the clouds and the C4D light system for the rays of light.

This is my compliment version to my female angel render here:

First render tests here:

The 3D wireframe of RAPHAEL can be seen here:


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Mr-Ripley's avatar
This work looks perfect on the cover. :)
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you Tom. I am glad you like it... :hug:
crayonmaniac's avatar
it is fabulous and I can only dream of seeing my coverart in a shop window, that must be fabulous feeling.
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you Christine! :hug:

Did you see my latest book design here: [link] ?
It was one of the most fun creations I did lately. Mainly becaus I am a dad of 2 kinds in that age, and my kids love the story and the whole book...
I created a website for the cute children book here: [link] :dance:

What do you think?
crayonmaniac's avatar
it is incredibly sweet, you are so lucky (and hard work of course) to be published, I am utterly jealous
cevansv's avatar
this is super gorgeous!!!!! great job:)
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you very much! I am glad you like my little angel! :floating:
SeekHim's avatar
When is the book coming out and what's it about?
mike-reiss's avatar
It is a cover design study. Conceptual. But if you have an idea for the script you are more than welcome! :hug:
zayeds's avatar
Wow incredible. One day I hope I can do something nearly as mind blowing :D!
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you very much! I am glad you like my book design.
Raphael is one of my most complex 3d renders...
zayeds's avatar
The accuracy is incredible. You must be really proud of this piece :)
:onfire: :onfire: :onfire:
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you very much! :hug:
Raphael is a great 3D render but Alexander in my gallery is still my favorite one...
Greybird007's avatar
Already faved the original angel, but wanted to say that he turned out handsomely here!

The halo, something I never was fond of with such characters (the wings are enough!), at least is evanescent and not the floating-gold-ring cliché.

Is this an actual cover for a published book or disc, or did you do this simply as a sample? I saw that you had a 3D shot of this cover.
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you very much. For the book cover I wanted that special halo.
But not the common one. A light and beautiful halo, with potential for interpretation and the ideas of the viewer. This cover represents some of the book covers I did recently but dont have the permission to show them... :hug:
Greybird007's avatar
They didn't give you permission to show the book covers? I find that quite strange on their part. You'd think the publishers would welcome the additional publicity! {scratches head} {sweeps away dandruff} {grins}
ceruleanvii's avatar
it looks great as a cover too! What is the book about?
mike-reiss's avatar
Thanks Del! :hug:
It is a design study. Raphael's render was planed as a character for a boock cover and bluray cover. Conceptional!
Amethyst25's avatar
Beautiful work!!
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you very much! :hug:
Amethyst25's avatar
You're welcome!
JurgenDoe's avatar
Incredible and awesome job :faint:
mike-reiss's avatar
Thank you Sir! :dance:
JurgenDoe's avatar
Don't call me Sir or you have to pay 5$ ... like everybody else do who calls me that :nod:
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