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Did you say "chocolate"?

I used a new shading technique! No more lame gradients, now shiny emotes are FTW! :#1:

Edit: there is now a plz account available: :iconomgchocolateplz:
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the face reminds of Heats Flamesman Heats flamesman Icon [Annoying Dog Emote] Uwa!! So HEATS!! (Summer) 

B9981626-db7c-4cd7-ae7d-e8ae9ab4a06d by HopesDreamss  
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How do you use emotes again
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Click Add Media And look Right
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Can't Help You Sorry
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WHITE  CHOCOLATE by Mike-RaWare !!!!!!!!! 
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chara can relate
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Me: Hey Whatcha Eating?
Friend: Chocolate.
Me: Chocolate? Did You Just Say "CHOCOLATE?!"
Friend: Umm Yeah Do You Want A-
Me: Chocolate? CHOCOLATE?!! CHOCOLATE by Mike-RaWare
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CHARA WANTS SOME [Emote] Chara is triggered. 
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ikr dude
chocolate's life (except dark chocolate ye its the only type of choco thats death)
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Me in a nutshell. 
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Dieting people: :iconomgchocolateplz:
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Hi i'm new to Deviant Art and.. Well i'm not sure how to work the emotes.. ;-;
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: iconomgchocolateplz : <---- remove the space between colon and word

here's the example for use emotes:

:icon(emotename): (make sure 'icon' prefix is included)
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my god.... 
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