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We may not know a whole lot about Rickard Stark, but the fact that Brandon the Wild Wolf, Benjen, Lyanna and (first of all) Ned were all his kids speaks TONS in his favour as a father. Then, his attempt at saving Brandon from the Mad King and defiance before burning alive shows the size of his guts.

He even gained the respect of Barristan Selmy (he said so in S1 E5), so there. THIS IS ANOTHER FINE ADDITION TO THE HALL OF GREAT STARKS!!

His death may have been dreadful😭 (specially watching his firstborn be strangled before him), but it's such a relief that his second boy carried out his legacy and vengeance. The North Remembers ✊ 🗡️!!

PS: Mike-Hallstein, the best part about this portrait is that everything from the piercing face to the pelt is telling you that this is indeed a Warden of the North from House Stark Heart!!  Much obliged and please carry on 😊!
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You should do a King in the North Jon Snow, would look totally badass
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Nice journal pictures you got ;) (Wink) Thumbs Up! Hooray for the direwolves🐺 of Winterfell!!
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Definitely, a Stark is always cool ✨, even if they're old! Anyway, Mike-Hallstein's picture and Rickard himself are worthy of respect Nod in their own right.  
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