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My Bio
There isn't really much at all to talk about myself. I am VERY shy, I dream about working as artist in an animation studio and I really hope some day I can achieve that. Do art is one of my favorite thing and I'd love to one day see a popular cartoon on TV that I can look at and say, "Hey! That's my work there! :dummy:".

I love computers and cars and cats. And dragons, of course. Art is a wonderful hobby, but I also like to take pictures of car plates that actually mean something. Like once when I saw a car with "FBI" on its plate. lol Some might find it a weird hobby. >.>

I wish I had more talent.

Favourite Visual Artist
I'm not sure if I have one. I like too many artists.
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Dragon Prince, DuckTales, The Adventures of TinTin
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Aviators, 4everfreebrony, Sam Synthis, Replacer, Woodlore, FritzyBeat.
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Spyro the Dragon, The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon, American Truck Simulator, Legends of Equestria
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
MSPaint, CorelDraw! X6 and PhotoshopCS6 for now.
Other Interests
Art, dragons, ponies, cats, music, cars and computers.
I've only ever played King of the Road with a keyboard and never with a controller, but there's a first time for everything! How about joining tonight for some wacky trips around Godknowswhere in a Russian truck that is being steered with a video game controller?
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I missed Sunday's stream, was prevented from streaming yesterday, but third time's a charm! Join me now for an un-scheduled stream and let's do this week's weekly challenge on Phasmophobia and maybe some extra investigations. Including Potato Mode, of course!
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My vocal chords are still wrecked but marginally better and my right hand has improved a lot. I was forced to miss Sunday's stream so I decided to try and stream something now and I was about to go live, had everything ready and even had enough of a mood to do put up a nice show, then my mother once again, just for her enjoyment, destroyed all my plans. So no stream today. I swear... if I could afford to finally move away from her and finally be able to build my life, I'd do it tomorrow without a second thought. It might be my depression speaking right now, but in honesty I say that I really do not see much of a future for me so long as that woman is in my life. I am not making it into old age, one way or another.
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You are awesome.

Thanks for the fav, have a llama <:

You are very welcome! ^-^

Thanks for the fav!

You are very welcome! ^-^

I think that you have already heard the news but, here is my version of the story.

In my land, we have finally voted out the guy that is constantly shooting us in the foot. Myself and a ton of other sane people are cheering because he have gotten the ability to heal, while others are so far gone that they can't tell how bad things are are in denial.

It's like The Genius Paradox, if you are stupid you think you're a genius, if you are a genius you think that your powers can be done by anyone.

Myself, I am drinking self-made genius coffee that I learned to make online and am improving the recipe. It seems to be working because, I am keeping track of the numbers.

I'm offering commissions!
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