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Nobody has my permission to redistribute any of the drawings in this gallery without asking first. Even with proper credits, a authorization is required. They all were made by me, and only by me. Art theft is not cool, and I hate it.


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That’s it. You did it. I held back my tears long enough but that “He gave his life for us” made them roll down my. Honestly. And forget...

Maybe I am just too emotive/sensitive for a guy, but I need to say that so far this story has given me some knots in my throat a few ti...

Well, seeing as my last journal entry was posted back in last March 27th, I suppose a new one is well overdue. Not that there are many people left around my gallery to read it, anyway. But alas, I did use to have a sort of tradition to write one last journal of the year, every year. I don't remember if I've done that last year, though. Eh, whatever. :shrug:


I have been really inactive on Deviant Art this whole year so what has been going on in my life? Well, in these past 12 months I only wrote a total sum of three journals (well, four if we count with this one) and I suppose it is more than safe to say that I haven't made any new art, whatsoever. No, seriously... I haven't touched my tablet to draw anything all year. The most I did was start a rough sketch that lies unfinished within my folders. Other than that, the only one upload I did was of a old simple thing I drew years ago and even that was a worthless work (I'm talking about the revamp). The sad truth is... I have not had the slightest bit of mood to do absolutely anything. Don't get me wrong, though, I DO want to draw, I DO want to do art and upload stuff for your enjoyment and my own, but that simply cannot happen if the artist doesn't have the mood, the motivation to work on something. Have will and inspiration means nothing if you lack the mood/motivation. This, however, is a problem that I have already been having for a couple years or more, though, but it struck really hard this year, for some reason. Hell, I couldn't even bring myself to fixing a simple mistake on "Made to Soar", which is a picture that I started in 2014 but only finished and upload in 2016!
Made to Soar by Mike-Dragon
Why did I take so long to get that one out? Because I was already dealing with this absurd lack of motivation. As for the mistake in question, that would be Mike's wings. Both are missing the membrane that is close to the shoulders, right where the wings bend. And I have noticed that mistake back in late 2017! Sigh... Anyway... Despite the absolute lack of new content from me, I somehow still managed to gain a few new watchers this year, and I am really thankful for it. You guys rock, did you know that? You thought I am worth watching, even though I haven't uploaded anything for real all year long but even so you decided to give me a chance. I thank you for that, honestly. :icondragonnod1:

For the past few weeks I have been struggling to clean up my deviations inbox, which has, as of the time I am writing this journal, 3700 art works waiting to be admired. That's a lot, but it's about less than half what I had days ago, though! I've also got a bunch of messages I have yet to reply to, even from close friends. But hopefully, I'll get around to sorting all of that out within the next few days. Which brings me to my next point, art-wise: My new year resolution.

I've never had a moment in my life where I would say that I have a resolution for the next year, but this time I suppose I can say I do. My resolution for 2019 is 1920x1080. 

But seriously... In terms of art, my resolution is to get back to doing it. I have not quit art, at all! It's just that damned lack of motivation that has been killing me! I hope to get back to uploading stuff (good stuff!) in 2019 so I can once more, supply those of you who watch my gallery with something you can enjoy. I have nifty new ideas for things that can be great! I just need the motivation and mood to get them done. And I need to do art. I can't stay still like this. I haven't progressed on my skills, at all for years! While my friends and other artists I know are doing greater and greater works at every new piece, I'm still at the same level I was four-six years ago. That is pathetic!  I might even be worse now that I have not drawn anything for a whole year. :( So yeah... in regards to art, that's my new years resolution. To get back to doing it. Which yes, it does include finishing the commissions I started a couple years ago and never finished. Don't you think I have forgotten or given up on them! I haven't! It's a good thing that I normally don't take payment in advance, I guess.

:bulletgreen:OTHER AND LIFE:bulletgreen:

Though I haven't been active on Deviant Art, I have been on Truckers MP, where I have been a Game Moderator since October of 2017. It is demanding work but it is fun, I cannot lie. I like doing it. In a community with over 2 million users, it is nice to be part of a meaningful part of it and help keep things running smoothly. By the way, if you play American Truck Simulator and/or Euro Truck Simulator 2 and don't already know about it, then you might want to check it out: It's fun and it's completely free. It allows you to play these games online with friends on real time multiplayer. Just don't break the rules, will ya? I might bite! :icondragongrin:

In terms of real life, well... things haven't been smooth. We are deep in a crisis and have been barely able to afford our bills. Our house is rented but has been put up for sale so we gotta move out but we can't find anywhere affordable that can suit our needs. Well, not a place that we can afford, that is. Everything is way too expensive. I still have my job at the same company since 2015 but things aren't going well there, either. My boss is an awesome guy and I suppose it is safe to say he's also a good friend. I absolutely cannot complain! This is the best job I've ever had, so far. What isn't going well with it is our clients. Way too many have cancelled their contracts with us due to the economical crisis my country is sunk into and that has struck us really hard. And to make matters worse, my boss and his partner had a fight, triggered by a multitude of things that have been building up so his partner left the company and as far as I know, the two are no longer friends. Which upset me a bit because the two are very fun guys. I hope someday the two can mend their friendship. But anyway, yeah... the company hasn't been doing very well through this crisis. I pray to God that things get better in 2019. We have great hopes that it may! Well, only time will tell.

A few months ago my mother threw a fit and brewed a storm in a glass of water because I wanted her to help pay for the fuel of her own car instead of leaving it only up to me, since a lot of it was being spent by me to take her to and from her new job rather than with my own work. The problem is that I was having to pay for all of it with my own money, which was resulting in me spending over 500 bucks per month just with fuel. I don't make that much money to spend so much on fuel, Jesus! So after asking her for ten bucks in a second occasion (I was already spending 20 on this particular time) she went berserk and put up a tantrum complaining that she doesn't have any money and that I am a really ungrateful son because I am refusing to pay for the fuel I am spending on the car that belongs to her and that instead of doing that I should be thanking her because she's helping me by allowing me to use the car for work. Well, excuuuuuse me, princess!! All I asked was that she paid for half of the fuel since most of the driving was being done to take her to and from her job instead of having me alone pay for that plus the little I was spending on my own. She complained all the time on the way back and after we got home that evening, she said that from that point on, only her would use the car. I was already furious with that whole situation so I decided to play her game. Though with my rules. So I told her:

"Alright fine. That's no problem. If you really want to harm me that way then fine. But I'll warn you: Harm me will cause you even more harm to you than to me. You want the car all to yourself? Fine, you can have your car. But bear in mind that from this point on, you are the one who will have to take time from your day to take it for maintenance, you are the one who will have to pay for its fuel from your own wallet, you are the one who will have to pay for the costs of its maintenance and you are the one who will have to do the chores that require the car. Is that really what you want? Because I can take Uber and bus. Hell, it's even gonna cost me much less money than what I have been spending with that car these past few months so I will ask one last time: Is that what you really want, ma'am?"

She didn't respond. only nodded. Then I told her that that's how things would be, then. Then I left her room. Guess what happened, though? On the next morning, shortly before she left for work, which was before 7 in the morning (mind you, I only have to wake up for work at 8) she came to my room, woke me up and said:

"Michael, I have a proposal for you. I can't park the car at work so you take me to my job before 7 every day and in exchange I give you a haircut and help with R$ 70 for fuel. Do you agree?"

Dude... Keep serving her as a private driver and butch my sleep schedule for a miserable haircut (which I did need, though) and and 70 bucks? Hell no! I am far more valuable than that, so I gestured "no" with my finger, turned around and went back to sleep. I kept my word from the night before. She wanted her car? Then she should have her car. But she'd have to take responsibility for it! Which guess what? She obviously didn't. I haven't touched that car for the next three weeks after that, but neither did she. The poor thing was left sitting in the garage for all that time. When a day that use it was absolutely necessary, the thing would not work, at all. Battery was completely dead and the engine was borked. Wouldn't run smoothly even at the highest RPM. That is, when it would start. Took the mechanic three whole days just to get it to run enough to drive the car to his repair shop for maintenance. Which she obviously didn't pay for. My dad had to do it, as usual. >:\

On the evening she threw that tantrum I had made up my mind that I would no longer serve as a carpet to her and would no longer submit myself to accepting anything she'd want just because I need a car to work and take care of chores for the family. On that very evening I decided that I'd give her the middle finger and since she liked to rub on my face that she has a car but I don't, I would rub a whole car on her face as well as the fact that I don't need hers. So after talking to my dad and our trusted mechanic who is also our friend, I changed my mind from buying a car (good thing, too. With how things have been going in the company, that was a commitment I definitely would not be able to keep for long) I'd have my dad's old car and finish the restoration that he had started years ago. It should be a lot cheaper than to buy a used car. And that is what I have been doing for the past few months. I've been using the money I'd otherwise be spending on my mother's car, to pay for the restoration of my dad's old Fiat 147 and make it mine.

I have been doing in secrecy, though. Only my dad, our mechanic and my boss knows about it. I want that car to come home only when it is ready or mostly ready for daily usage. I want it to be a surprise, something completely out of the blue to her. I'm getting it electric windows and a stereo! :dummy: Already bought the system for the windows and once the interior is restored, I'll invest on the stereo. Nothing fancy, though. Just something with good quality so I can enjoy my tunes on the go. I'm also getting it a anti-theft system. A little secret switch that once flipped, will cut off all the power so the car won't even turn the starter motor on. To steal it, one will have to toll it away. Maybe I'll start posting about the progress of its restoration here on DA with some pictures sometime. :nod:

To conclude this long journal (old habits never die, do they?), I'll just say that there are a lot more things that I'd like to tell you but I have been keeping to myself and some to Truckers MP (I have been posting a bunch of status posts there with some new developments in my life or things I find fun/exciting (this is my profile there, by the way, in case you might want to catch some stuff that I won't post here:… And yeah... that is a 666 in my ID. I just happened to be the 666th user to re-create their forum account after the platform migration back in late 2014. :I ). As such, I'll be ending this journal here.

With the end of the year fast approaching (for many it has already ended at the time I am writing this), I suppose there is nothing else left for me to add here (there is, but like I just said, this journal is already too long, so better save it for a future time. lol) but to wish you all a happy new year and may it be better than 2018 has been. I also thank you for still being a watcher of my gallery, whether you are an old timer or one of the new comers that found my humble stuff just a handful of months or even weeks ago. It's 10:30 PM for me, right now, but I already hear fireworks blowing up in the sky, outside. I'll go back to my little life, now. Take care, stay safe and God bless you all, whether you believe in Him or not! Have a good year, my friends! :icondragonhug:

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Journal History


Commissions Closed!
Commissions are currently closed but will return soon!

Prices will be readjusted (haven't touched them since 2014) and I will also take this time to finish the orders I have pending. Those who ordered before I closed the commissions will still pay according to the 2014 prices as accorded. New orders once commissions return will be charged according to the 2017 prices sheet once they are available.

NOTE: The 10 points price below is not valid for anything. It's just there so DA would allow me to post this message.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
There isn't really much at all to talk about myself. I am VERY shy, I dream about working as artist in an animation studio and I really hope some day I can achieve that. Do art is one of my favorite thing and I'd love to one day see a popular cartoon on TV that I can look at and say, "Hey! That's my work there! :dummy:".

I love computers and cars and cats. And dragons, of course. Art is a wonderful hobby, but I also like to take pictures of car plates that actually mean something. Like once when I saw a car with "FBI" on its plate. lol Some might find it a weird hobby. >.>

I wish I had more talent.


For a really long time I have been thinking about making a journal in video form instead of typing what I'd have to say in it. Like, for years. I don't know if that would work out or how it would work out, though. What do you think? Should I make one?
I'm so glad Tumblr is ending the reign of porn on the platform. Finally I'll be able to enjoy some dragon and pony art that is posted there without having to disable the Safe Browsing and burning my eyes! :dummy:
Do you guys know of any way to weld an entity or NPC to a prop or vehicle in Gmod?

'Cause either I figure that out or I'll have to spend a little over 40 bucks to get Gmod and Half Life 2 for my second account just so I can finish recording a scene for a video I'm making and all because that bloody t-rex NPC I need for the sequence will only chase a player or NPC if they are outside of a vehicle and I need it to chase a car so I need something that will "attract" it to the car. Otherwise I'll have to scrap that whole sequence. :icondragonweep:

Welder doesn't work on entities or NPCs. That's why I am asking if anyone knows of another way. If I could attach a small NPC or entity to a chair on the back of the car, that hopefully should be sufficient, but I can't. So if I can't get that done, my only other alternative would be to use my second account to have a player run ahead of the car and off-camera so the t-rex will chase that player and give the illusion that it is chasing the car, which is what I need to happen. But to do that I'd have to buy Gmod and HL2 for the second account and I lack the money to do it. And to be honest, if I did have the money, I'd rather buy a couple other games I actually want for my main account instead of games I already own. :c
Can we all just agree that... If you aren't going to play, then DON'T START THE FREAKING GAME!!! For four matches in a roll my teammates abandoned me after the first or second goal the other team scored on us. I went down two divisions in Rocket League because of those bastards!

If you aren't going to play, THEN DON'T OPEN THE GAME! GO BACK TO FORTNITE!

A good friend of mine (who also happens to be my boss) is having to deal with the passing of his father, today. He had a heart attack a few days ago and unfortunately, his heart could no longer do its job and he left this world. Though I never knew the man, this news saddened me deeply (I am actually crying at the moment). If I am feeling like this, having never met the person, who's to say how my friend is feeling.

 I send my prayers to him and the soul of his father and ask that God has him in a good place. He raised a good man who I am proud and glad to say is, beyond simply my boss, is a good friend.


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