Lost Friends

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Published: July 2, 2013
Lost in the eddies of time
Stones that compose me
Leaving them lost seems a crime
Those faces so easy to see

That best friend, just a cute boy
Days spent swinging through the air
Time spent in sorrow, in joy
Only friend labeled best, how does he fare?

Now he seems happy
Can only judge by a picture now
Unless he decides to be yappy
I long to talk, he knows not how

A girl barely known
A brief kiss shared
A shame by bullies sown
Name not known or dared

That brave girl that gave hope
Whom small town could not have kept
Who gave friends so I could cope
Without you I would only have wept

Thoughts pushed to contact you
Always blocked by cruel fear
What must one do
When the path is so unclear

Another kid just as new
A bond formed so fast
Our opportunities together so few
I wonder if it could last

Other friends made in school
Loved those many years
None of us were cool
Your loss now leaves tears

The girl with a weird name
That made a promise now so sweet
Though that prize is not mine to claim
Maybe we'll still be able to meet

That boy with the long hair
The most brilliant in the class
My soul to you I could bare
Would I make a pass?

The only one I can think
In a way more than as a friend
If to the past I could link
Mayhaps it wouldn't have to end

The guy obsessed with tech
I assume that's what you do still
May your passions not lead to wreck
Should I chat? Maybe I will

The girl so strongly attached
To parents' viewpoints then
What schemes since have you hatched?
Are you the same, after those years almost ten?

That guy also weird
So afraid to be a geek
How would you be if I peered
Though I've stayed too meek

That girl in college
Enthusiasm so bright
Your success I wish to gauge
Will you bring crimes to light?

Those teachers so kind
All so willing to wait
Bringing knowledge to a mind
Should you know my fate?

More recent friends have gone away
Your main desire not to hurt
Was there anything left to say?
Your departures so curt

Current friendships so strong
Helping through a troubled time
Though they haven't lasted long
They can't be captured in rhyme
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I considered mentioning some names, but I think that would just make it easier for those that knew me to match those names with my thoughts, not that it would be hard as it is. Anyway, a good song reminded me of these friends and more in one of those ways that a good song will do even if you've listened to it dozens of times before.
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Still odd word choices. Still some of the same feelings, though a lot have faded and I'm not interested in exploring.