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aaaa..... omg. too many spider webs in here!!! @__@ *swipe the webs off*

aack! owh, hello there! how are you guys doing?
it's been a very long time since i last updated my deviantart.
i wasn't that active in here. not like before this. haha. oh well.
College is killing me. and now i'm on my Semester holiday. but the holiday is almost to its end.
next week i'll be entering my college for the 2nd Sem. *flails*

owh! and thank God that i got a very nice final exam's result! XD
my friends said that i will got an award. but, will I???
i don't really need it actually. but if it's money, i'll take it though.. haha!! lol. <.<

hurm... yesterday I've gone to the Low Yatt Plaza at Jalan Imbi to by a Drawing Tablet.
it's simple as graveyard at the outside of the Plaza. but when i enter the building, it's like a heaven for those who loves Computers, gadgets, and all of those stuffs!!! omg. O_O
but... sadly, i just don't have the mood to get so excited about the place since i'm not feeling well at that time.
my head hurts plus, i need to search for the tablet on each of the level! @___@

after I've found the exact store and finally bought the tablet, i decided to go to the Berjaya Times Square across the Plaza.
i ate lunch at there and at about 2:00pm, i decided to went back home. too tired already. haha.

i still can't believe it that i've bought this amazing stuff call Drawing tablet! XDD
and before i went back, i took my time to visit at a magazine store at the Train Station.
and i saw EPOP Malay version!!! omg!!! HoMin n JYJ as the front and back cover!
oh god. my life is complete!!! so happy that i couldn't describe it with words!
but... reading the interviews... i love JYJ's more. because when it comes to HoMin, the MC always ask them about girlfriend, girlfriend, n girlfriend. =____= don't you have any other things to ask them???? ergh!
I'm a YunJae fan so, Yunho already have his BooJae. so, no need to ask something like 'girlfriend' anymore okay?! geez.. lol

er... this journal is too long ne? i should stop here.
hehe... Have a nice day, everyone!
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Japan, i was so worried like hell when i heard there's earthquake n Tsunami happening right there.
how i love Japan more than my own country! this is so bad...
i cried when i saw the pictures showing the condition of Japan right now.
with the fires and explosions everywhere...
Japan!!! Please Be Safe!!!
glad that Smart squad from M'sia will go and send their help to Japan!
i don't care about M'sians people who live in there!
but i cared more to those Japanese themselves! save them!!!
Lets Pray For Japan!
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ottoke?!! my Japanese essence has gone!!! DX
i'm not the same as the 'me' before this!
i'm going crazy over Korean!
oh no...shit. lol.
this may because of i'm so into Korean band, DBSK i guess. i love them.
and my eyes were swollen just because i cried so much for them.
i can't think about anything else except them.
i can't even eat because i think too much about them.
i really hope that they will be together again.
i want them to be together again and don't disband!
please!!! God! please help them! please! T^T

SuYooJaeMinYun, saranghae... jebal uli hante dol-awass-eo!!! T^T
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are you feeling great today? great? good to hear that.
but i'm not. i'm feeling down lately.
i'm not so happy nowadays. i keep on getting worried and getting sad about 'them'.
i always cried just because of 'them'.
i'm not blaming 'them'. i love 'them' so much it hurts.
it really hurts!
i wanted to believe what that fortune teller said. but, i can't.
what if, they're not just like what she said?
i don't believe in fortune telling. but one of them, gave me hopes.
they will be back together again someday. i believe in that even though there's no fortune telling at all.
i will for them forever. i won't give up.
we will not give up. we will love them forever.

AKTF. hwaiting!
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hello guys... are you having a very nice and good day? that's good.
but for me, several days that passed by, really gave me so much problems.
i hate to face such problems. i hate problems!
can't they just leave me live as what i want and let me live happily?
no one ever understand me. even if they do, they only hate the way i want to live my life. :(
am i being unreasonable? is it impossible?

i really want to enter the world of fairytale right now. =_=
Peter Pan, can you take me to the Neverland? i don't wanna grow up! i wanna live happily as i could!!!!! DX
please take me out of this mess!!! i hate it!!!

but, whenever i feel that the negative feelings are conquering my heart and my mind, i always took out my Walkman, and turn on the musics really loud to release my tension. most of the musics are from The Gazette. they really can make me feel relief. Gazerock Is Not Dead!!! m/(>_<)m/
i love their song and mostly, Discharge. it's really good to hear to it when you're angry. yeah! >D

hm... whatever. :
sorry for the bad English. i was too lazy. -_-
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konnichiwa minna-san. ogenkidesuka?
watashi wa, ogenkinai desu! haha.
not so funny. that orange flavored salt water still taste sooooo "GOOD" it makes me wanna vomit! ergh! DX
i will never drink again after this! there's no reason for me to drink it if i'm healthy! egh. help me? T^T

just last night i can't get enough sleep, and i was so sleepy right now. haha. lol.
i'm watching Tohoshinki/DBSK videos all night long.
and watching their videos in Korean language makes me wanna learn Korean language.
i ask my mom to buy me a Korean language learning books and she was like, "finish up your Japanese lesson first then i get you the Korean one!" D:
why??? can't i just learn both of the language at the same time??? >A<
huh... maybe the reason she said that was because of there's tons of Japanese learning books that i bought, i didn't finish doing it yet. =_="
it kinda easy to learn Japanese than Korean i guess. Japanese... the easy part was the pronunciation part. the writing part is kinda difficult i guess. but Korean is just the opposite of that. but i really adore this two languages.

okay, about Tohoshinki, i really hope that they will be in a group of five again one day.
i heard that it will be on January. but... i'm so sure about that.
let the love spread it's wings once again! hwaiting!

ja ne!
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konnichiwa minna-san.
ogenki? good. maybe i'm the only one who feeling so sick.
last night is a disaster! my stomach really hurts like hell, and i thought that i was going to die! D':
it makes me cried because it really hurts a lot!
thank goodness that i'm feeling much better now even though i'm not so sure if i'm okay or not yet.

hahaha... even though i'm not feeling so well, but i just can't leave my laptop alone.
it's my everything. :)

that's all for now. jaa! ^^
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I'll never trust anybody anymore.
i had enough. you lied to me. you are my everything, i love you more than i love my own life. but yet, you betrayed me. i thought that i won't hate you. but, i can't help it but to hate you. maybe there's some place for you in my heart? yea, there's a tiny bit. i'm not that kind to trust you after what you have done to me. enough! i had enough of all of this. leave me alone.
it's better to have no friends, than to have a friend who will betray you someday.
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erm...actually, i don't know what to write at here.
just wondering around a little.
okay, that's all for today.
ahaks! jaa!
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