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Spirit Dragon Guardian by MikasaReptitan Spirit Dragon Guardian :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0 Swallow by MikasaReptitan Swallow :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0 Unnamed Dragon by MikasaReptitan Unnamed Dragon :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 11 Syfpter Adoptable Free by MikasaReptitan Syfpter Adoptable Free :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 2 3 Syfpter Adoptable (Free, As usual) by MikasaReptitan Syfpter Adoptable (Free, As usual) :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 1 10 Dragon Adopt (Free!) by MikasaReptitan Dragon Adopt (Free!) :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 1 6
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden OC
NARUTO/NARUTO Shippuuden Character Information
Name (last, first): Hayato (Falcon Child) Mitsuko (Light Child)
Nickname(s): Haya, Hayo, Mitsu, Falcon
Part I : 12-13
Part II: 15-16
Species: Jinchuriki and Ninja
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: July 23 (Leo)
Life Story: None?
About You
Personality: Proud, Kind, Brave, Obedient, Caring
Good Habit(s): To protect others from harm.
Bad Habit(s): To pick up every single bird and hug it./ Cat napping
Like(s): Animals (Mostly birds of prey), Running, Training
Dislike(s): Bullies, Standing still, Being ignored
Hobbies: Helping villagers despite them hating her.
Fear(s): Being Alone, Loosing control
Strength(s): Prefers to fight stealthily
Weakness(es): Fighting in a crowded
:iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0
Nina at the Park
Please read Desc.
"Iku! Iku! Iku!" Nina yelled, hopping around the male as he walked. "What is it Nina?" He asked the 7 year old. "Iku please take me outside. Utau isnt here, and the adults are ignoring me!" She asked, hmmphing too. Ikuto sighed. "Fine, go get your eggs ready." Nina smiled happily. "Thank you, Onee-chan!" she said, skipping to her room. Oh yeah, I should explain right? Ikuto found Nina when she was 5 years old, and acted as a big brother for her. Utau soon came and became the Big sister for Nina. Nina got her eggs a day or so ago, and Iku and Utau already knew, but were keeping it a secret from Easter. Nina picked up her back, and placed her three eggs gently into it, before locking it in place, putting on her necklace, and skipped over to a waiting Ikuto. "Im ready, lets go!~" She said, happily smiling. Ikuto smiled, ruffling the girls Black and white hair gently, and held her hand as they sneaked outside. Ikuto h
:iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0
Nina Kurama
Oc Template
Character: Nina Kurama
Name (Last, First): Kurama, Nina
Age: 16
Appearance: A unnatural Black and white hair (One side is white, other is black) with white and black eyes. Her pupils in each eye will be the oppisite (Black pupil in a white eye, White pupil in a black eye). She is also unnaturally tall.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Personality: Loner, Shy, Prefers to have her own space
Affiliation: {Guaridans, Easter Company, Ect.} Easter/Guardians
History (His/Her life Story): As a child, Nina had never known her parents. Her last name is actully her middle name. All she knows is that she was put into the orphange when she was born, and grew up that way until she was 4 years old, when she ran away. She spent her life on the streets. Her personal hide-out was the abandioned amusment park, where she spent her life in hiding. Nina was found by Ikouto by accident, since he happened to be there. Nina and Ikouto became friends, and eventually she joined Easter. In
:iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0
Kayashi and his Egg by MikasaReptitan Kayashi and his Egg :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 1 0 Shugo Chara OC egg 2 by MikasaReptitan Shugo Chara OC egg 2 :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0 Shugo Chara OC egg by MikasaReptitan Shugo Chara OC egg :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0 Charizard and Reshiram by MikasaReptitan Charizard and Reshiram :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0 3 by MikasaReptitan 3 :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 0 Wolf Fight base 2 by Destinys Heart by MikasaReptitan Wolf Fight base 2 by Destinys Heart :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 0 6 Kumaterasu by MikasaReptitan Kumaterasu :iconmikasareptitan:MikasaReptitan 1 2
New shit. Give a comment or die and be blocked.


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Okay so I wanna to do this for a while...


My name is Kaitlyn Previti, but you can call me Kaitlyn! My friends call me Rosy or Mika. Im actully 13, but im not an ordinary one! I am an Animal lover, but I hate HUMANS! I dont get along with most people, but my Best friends are winter010 and chasychase. Im a girl (Duh), born on Dec. 28th, 2000.

I am a average drawer, specializing in drawing dragons and horses (Mostly dragons). Im attempting to learn how to draw humans and draw on the computer.

I am an EXPERT gamer, meaning I can learn something in one moment flat, but sometimes I need a helper to figure some other things out.

I am also forgetful.. but also VERY aggresive. But I do end up regreting. I actully do not like people who end up breaking my friendship...

I do not like being told something rude.



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Nixas Goldeeine
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Im a SnK Manga and Anime Fan! I secialize in Literature and Drawing outside the computer data world! I take Requests! I am a Fan of SnK, Naruto, and Bleach! Favorite couples? NaruSakura, EreMika, and IchiRuki/HichiRuki... I like Blue Exorists.. who doesnt.. Sigh so much to tell so little time! Im American! In Conneticut of the United States of America! I hate Russies <Language only, Russies, other than that, I like oyu :3> I hate Nazis I beleive in Jesus and Cristian/God!


:iconwinter010: :iconquirkygalaxydemon: :iconcreatingjoyfulnoise: :iconsimpleweirdlena: :icondetroness: :iconpurplepandog: :iconkyubiikaturosako:


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If you have any questions, feel free to not me :D
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Unfortchantly this account is no longer active. I lost the password. Sorry. This is my new one however!
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