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Meddle not in the affairs of Sith... by MikaLero Meddle not in the affairs of Sith... :iconmikalero:MikaLero 0 0 The Apprentice and The Darth by MikaLero The Apprentice and The Darth :iconmikalero:MikaLero 0 0 Warden Elissa Cousland by MikaLero Warden Elissa Cousland :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 0
Battle of Bruma (Martin x Lysa)
All characters and content found within The Elder Scrolls
Is copyrighted to Bethesda.
A/N: The Great Gate of Oblivion has been closed, and the Battle of Bruma won. But not all have survived unscathed. A brief snapshot of the battle's aftermath where secrecy on the part of Lysa Silverhawk and the Grandmaster of the Blades to protect Martin from undue burden beforehand come back to bite them all.
Thick billows of smoke roiled up from the ground where the Great Gate of Oblivion had stood until only moments before. A haze of ash and sulfur still hung in the air, burning the eyes and lungs of the men and women left alive in the battle’s wake.
There was a pause then - a space between the moment of victory and the realization of it.
Lysa lay sprawled on the ground, the Great Sigil Stone just beyond her outstretched hand where it had tumbled from her grasp as the shockwave of the Gate’s collapse threw her down into the earth.
Martin’s k
:iconmikalero:MikaLero 0 2
Ogre In The Tower... by MikaLero Ogre In The Tower... :iconmikalero:MikaLero 1 1
Love is the Death of Duty... (DA:O)
Summary: Having beaten back the demon terrorizing Redcliffe, Grey Warden Elissa Cousland finds herself struggling to follow through with what is believed must be done to keep it from hurting anyone ever again.
Warnings: Mild angst and some spoilery references to the Human Noble Origin. See summary for Author Notes.
“I thought… If I was brave like Grandfather, I could use his sword and kill the bad people who took Mother…”
“Please… Do not hurt my son! He is not responsible for what he does! He was just trying to help his father!”
“Are you going to teach me to use a sword, Auntie? Then I can fight evil too!”
Elissa knew what the Chantry taught, what the holy texts all taught, and what they would say her duty demanded of her in that moment - standing above the unconscious fo
:iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 1
Arcaneum Foyer - Immersive College of Winterhold by MikaLero Arcaneum Foyer - Immersive College of Winterhold :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 3 Whiterun by MikaLero Whiterun :iconmikalero:MikaLero 0 4 Sahloknir by MikaLero Sahloknir :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 0 Beneath the Mage's College by MikaLero Beneath the Mage's College :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 0 Vistas in Winterhold by MikaLero Vistas in Winterhold :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 5 Rundil Silver-Hawk by MikaLero Rundil Silver-Hawk :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 0 My last trip to the MD Renaissance Faire in 2014 by MikaLero My last trip to the MD Renaissance Faire in 2014 :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 5 Liu-Liu Bean (R.I.P.) by MikaLero Liu-Liu Bean (R.I.P.) :iconmikalero:MikaLero 1 1 Casper the Moluccan Cockatoo by MikaLero Casper the Moluccan Cockatoo :iconmikalero:MikaLero 2 6 Tanabata Festival, Middlebury VT 2005 #3 by MikaLero Tanabata Festival, Middlebury VT 2005 #3 :iconmikalero:MikaLero 1 0

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I was tagged by Evil-is-Relative :iconevil-is-relative:


Rules: Tag 8 people that you want to get to know better!

Name: Jess, or Jessica. But my username is just fine! (for those who don't grasp subtlety well, it means I prefer you use Mika/MikaLero unless we are close friends. :-D )

Star Sign: Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, with Scorpio rising.

Average hours of sleep: All together or the average uninterrupted span? 8 to 9 hours all together on a good night, usually broken into two (sometimes three) chunks of 3 to 4 hours each.

Lucky Number: 4 or multiples thereof.

Last thing I Googled: How to link a fellow Deviant's name and icon on Deviantart. :-)

When I started this account: Many, many moons ago young Padawan. I start quantifying, I realized what a dinosaur I am and then I get sad.

Amount of watchers:

What do I post: Fiction mostly, but screencaps are the runner up.

Do I run any more blogs: Nothing is active right at the moment (as I don't count Facebook as a blog) but I have a personal Tumblr,  as well as an RP tumblr for my Warden Cousland.

Do I get a lot of comments: No, not really. At my most active, my core small group of friends often commented because I'd usually been harassing them with  BETA and critique requests beforehand. long reply chains happened sometimes. New commenters and comments make my day.

Why I chose my username: It was my first internet handle/pseudonym and unless I have an account themed for a specific fandom, the name stuck. But I got the name Mika from an episode of DS9 when Dukat becomes a crazy cult leader. :-D I thought it was pretty.


MikaLero's Profile Picture
United States
Hiya! I'm Jess. Jessica or Mika work fine too - just please don't ever call me "Jessie". Nothing wrong with the name, it's just a boy's name to my ear.

Skype ID: jmartin300
email: Mikalero(at)gmail(dot)com

So I was a Biology Major, am usually a Vet Technician by trade, though In-Home Elder Care is my current "gig". I'm also a HUUUUUUGE fantasy/gaming/reading/history/lore nut.

I'm the kind of geek that reads the Silmarillion for ***** and giggles. Game of Thrones? *BLEEP* YES! Hunger Games are cool too, though I'm a much bigger fan of the movies -- *runs away and hides under the table* Please don't throw rocks at me. --

Now, prior to the last couple years, my gaming habits were usually confined to the Sid Meier, Pharaoh-type city builders on PC, or CLASSIC FINAL FANTASY MUDDA******!!!

Then Final Fantasy made it's first MMO. I eventually converted to World of Warcraft via South Park. Every once in a while I feel tempted to try and go dig up my authenticator fob and see if my Shadow Priest is still hanging out - then I remember that Panda People suck.

I have always loved the story-heavy RPGs on Playstation. (Microsoft is saaataaaaan...) From the eye-poking polygonal edges of Legend of Legaia, to the hair-rippingly difficult and cumbersome Draken II, through the adventures of Urath Reborn and his girl, Lahara in the Summoner series... If it was skull-crushingly lore-heavy, I ate it up.

Only downside was that once the main quest was done - it was all over. No real replay value on any of them.

Then, in August of 2013... I stumbled across a series of animated parody shorts on Youtube by a guy named seanzoz I had found ... Skyrim.

Holy. Sweet. Cracker. Jacks. BATMAN!

And, it's the FIFTH ONE? Oblivion came next (WHY MARTIN, WHY?!?!?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIII?!!! *tears) , quickly followed by the hunt for and purchase of a prehistoric brick x-box so I could tackle Morrowind. Whiiiich I haven't ever really been able to dent because I was quickly reminded why I never had an Xbox. I mean, seriously, did someone from Microsoft and Bethesda team up to go rifling through the trash over at Nintendo to grab combat engines and paddle designs from the N64? Geez. Worst Exclusive Deal EVER.

Elder Scrolls Lore? I can't get enough. I just can't. It's too big. I want to know all the things! I'm like Hermaeus Mora... except... you know... no tentacles. Ew.



Shout booooooox!
Thu Oct 6, 2016, 10:16 AM
Just wanted to check on you to see how you're doing:)
Mon Oct 26, 2015, 11:22 AM
Danke fur das swag!!!!
Wed Jan 21, 2015, 2:29 AM
Tue Jan 20, 2015, 5:45 PM
I'm done posting regular photos or anything not related to The Elder Scrolls, I promise!
Sat Jan 17, 2015, 12:39 PM
Sat Jan 17, 2015, 4:26 AM
*Deviant Art Hug* I need to draw some Martin Septim after reading your story!!!
Sat Jan 17, 2015, 3:50 AM
<3 you too Chloe
Sat Jan 17, 2015, 3:08 AM
Fri Jan 16, 2015, 12:55 PM
I'm depressed and weepy. Why am I depressed? No goddamned reason for it. Omg, fuck this shit. *sigh*
Mon Jan 12, 2015, 8:35 PM


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