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The Next Step
*At the castle of Leviathan*
Kylie: .......... *Laying on her bed*
Cordelia: *Sits on the bed* How long are you gonna keep moping? It doesn't suit you, Commander~
Kylie: Shut up! *Sits up* This is weak.. Accepting help from those guys...
Cordelia: It's an asset, Kylie~ we have a place to stay and to be fairly honest, I like living like aristocrats~ We never got anything like this in Octovalley..
Kylie: I don't want any of it...  just want to live longer.. and I can't unless we find IT!
Cordelia: 😟...
Kylie: And we won't accomplish anything by staying here! If necessary, I'll go to Inkopolis and find it myself!!
Cordelia: You'll get caught indefinitely.
Kylie: I can escape indefinitely.
Cordelia: Have you even seen the agent branch assigned to hunt you down? The leader is one tough customer. If I were you, I'd stay here and longer and think the plan over.
Kylie: ...... *Grumbles*
Cordelia: Now good night.. *Leaves*
Kylie: .....(My future was stolen from me... by that girl..
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A Fateful Meeting
*After Rafael's brutal attack.....*
???: GAH!! *Opens her eyes* Ugh.. my head... *Looks around* Wh-where am I?..
Nurse: In the infirmary.
???: How did I get here?..
Nurse: Two Octolings brought you here. You had a severe shot through the head. Honestly, you still being here is quite the miracle...
???: ..... Where are those Octolings now?
Nurse: Being held in a prison.
???: Show me.
Nurse: You are not well enough to-
???: *Grabs her throat and pins her up against the wall* I said. SHOW ME.
Nurse: *Gulps* Right this way please. *Leads her to the nearby prison where they hold captured Octarians*
???: *Looking around at all of them* (Disgusting things... they almost killed me...)
Nurse: They will meet you in the interrogation room.
???: Alright. *Walks in*
Octoling 1: Ahhh... Why do these cuffs have to be so tight?...
Guard: Just shut up and sit down.
Octoling 1: Okay okay, I'm moving, yeesh...
Octoling 2: *Just stares at the floor* ....
Guard: She's not a talkative one huh?
Octoling: Nop
:iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 4 61
A Start to a New Story
Lila: *Adds more wood to the fire*
Cordelia: Gahhhhh.......Living like this sucks! I want a REAL meal... not just some scraps from here and there... And a roof over my head wouldn't hurt anyone!
Lila: Except the person the roof belongs to~
Cordelia: Good point. But we'll catch a cold.. and dissolve away if it rains.. I'll get sick.
Lila: You're already pale as paper~
Cordelia: :grump: ....
Lila: :meow:
Cordelia: Hey you! You doing okay over there?
Kylie: *Laying on her side facing away from them grumbling to herself*
Cordelia: Hoi! At least eat or something!
Kylie: I don't want any!!
Cordelia: You're gonna starve!
Kylie: I can go for weeks without food! I'm fine!
Cordelia: ... Suit yourself..
Rafael: *Walks up* Meal here! And a special one at that~
Cordelia: *Opens the bag* Whoa! Is this fresh made pizza?!
Lila: It smells so yummy!~
Kylie: *Twitches a bit*
Cordelia: Where'd you even get this?
Rafael: We're fugitives now. That means, no rules~ *Eats the pizza*
Cordelia: ........ *Face t
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United States
My name is Mikayla and I am a big fan of a lot of different games I guess. XD
I'm also very friendly~

Journal History

I feel it's been a long time since I've made an actual story with a set storyline... It's also been a long time since I've used my Octoling villains :0
But seriously, college comes first... Perhaps when summer comes I'll get some more inspiration, but for now I don't really know what to do. I've participated in other people's stories, but I've run dry of my own ideas.. :/


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Kimberly- *Walks through the door* Axel darling! I'm home~
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Axel: Hey, welcome back ❤️
Congo303 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kimberly- *Puts her stuff down and gets dressed into her pink and black pajamas**Hugs him* Hey sweetheart~ Missed me?~
MikaInkling Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Axel: Yeah, I did. *Cuddles with her* What were you up to?
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