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Year In Hereafter Vol 1. Indiegogo

Sun Sep 2, 2018, 1:24 AM
So, I've got this thing going on, and it is a crowfunding for Year In Hereafter's first proper volume.

The book in itself will be 244 pages long, full colour, paper back.

Created at

As the title says, we're holding a troll related art contest on the website! You can find all the relevant information in the link below.

Prizes include prints and original traditional art created by me and ElliPuukangas . We're also throwing in a signed copy of the first issue of Year in Hereafter, consisting of 30 pages.

We accept entries through dA notes if that's the easiest way for you to approach us. Otherwise you can either send email to us to or drop a Disqus comment on the contest info page.


Sat May 21, 2016, 7:46 PM

You can contact me with DeviantArt Notes or e-mail. :3

karoliina.hankonen @


Bullet; Blue Neck-head Portrait sketch 10$ Bullet; Blue

  Any Character/Creature.

Palette swap by MikaelHankonen


  Size and resolution of the document / price
  A4 300 dpi / 10$

Bullet; Blue Stylized simple artwork 30 $ Bullet; Blue

  Any Character/Creature.

  Size and resolution of the document / price
  A4 350 dpi / 30$

Little Scholar by MikaelHankonenMega Drive - 198XAD by MikaelHankonen  Halloween 2016 by MikaelHankonen Guy of Shady Business by MikaelHankonen


 Bullet; Blue Conceptual artwork Bullet; Blue

   White/Simple gradient background, design of a character. 

  If the client wishes for more image references than one on a single concept sheet, 
  it will add up to the final price.
  A-poses and T-poses also available.
  Detailed descriptions of the character ensure the best possible result.
  Existing image references are hugely helpful.

  Size and resolution of the document / price
      A4 350dpi / 90$ For a single reference. Additive full body reference + 10$, additive faceshot/detailshot + 3$
      A3 350dpi / 120$ For a single reference. Additive full body reference + 15$, additive faceshot/detailshot + 3$

  Example on conceptual artwork below
Padded leather and orange stuff by MikaelHankonenSealed by MikaelHankonen


  Bullet; Blue Portrait, Vertical canvas Bullet; Blue

   Simple background, detailed neck-up graphic of a character.

     Size and resolution of the document / price
  A4 350dpi / 90$
  A3 350dpi / 120$

  Example on portrait below

   Ataraxia by MikaelHankonen  Afterlife's Ferrywoman by MikaelHankonen


  Bullet; Blue Halfbody Portraits, Vertical canvas Bullet; Blue

    Simple Background, design of a character.

        Size and resolution of the document / price
   A4 350 dpi / 150$ ~ 200$
  A3 350dpi / 200$ ~ 150$

  Examples on halfbody portrait below
From the River of the Dead by MikaelHankonen Call for Strenght by MikaelHankonen


  Bullet; Blue Full artwork, Vertical/Horizontal canvas  Bullet; Blue

    Detailed background, characters, and other details as the client wishes.

  The price fluctuates depending on the request.

  Size and resolution of the document / price
  A4 350 dpi / 300$ ~ 350$
   A3 350dpi / 350$ ~ 450$
  Examples on full artwork below

COMMISSION: Bracca by MikaelHankonen Edges Everlasting by MikaelHankonen 
Divergentia by MikaelHankonen


  Bullet; Blue Other commissions Bullet; Blue

  If you have other kind of commission in mind, contact me via note.
  Please note that I will not take points or art trades. :) (Smile)


Bullet; Red Please note before addressing your interest!

  Bullet; White I do not take points for payment. 
  Bullet; White I only use Paypal for paying. If you are Finnish, normal bank transfers will work. 
  Bullet; White I may demand half of the payment before hand, and the second half after finishing the commission.
  The client may pay the whole sum before hand if they so will.
  Bullet; White Artist sets the price. It is not to be changed after agreeing on it.
  Bullet; White Unless agreed otherwise with the client, I may use the commissioned artwork as portfolio material.
  Bullet; White I will not do fan art, with a few exceptions! World of Warcraft Characters for example I am willing to do. And for example, Cloud from Final Fantasy I won't draw for money.
  Bullet; White I will not exchange Skype contacts with the client.
  E-mail or Notes via DeviantART are my preferred options for communication.
  Bullet; White I only work with digital media.

Holidays are coming

Sun Nov 29, 2015, 7:13 AM
Tapastic || Picarto || Tumblr || Print-shop || Twitter

Just wanted to get rid of the earlier rather outdated Journal-entry, just to make another kinda pointless one in it's stead. :B

I've really got nothing super important to update art-wise, just wondering about the future. And I'm having some sick-leave for a week or two depending on how these first days go, so I've got a bit more time to put my thoughts in order.


I'm trying to broaden things with YIH along getting my life into some sort of order. The comic has done way better than I expected from the very start, which alone has been an unexpected surprise! Obviously I have Michael Son from Tapastic's staff to thank for it all and every reader who have happened to find the story worth their time. ♥

From this viewpoint I think I'll be doing this comic for 2-3 years with the current phase. It's nice to draw just for the sake of entertaining others, but I shouldn't be blinded from some ambition.

The next big thing would probably be an independent web-domain for Year In Hereafter, I should at least start planning the structure for it early 2016 and maybe I'll have the website properly up for summer 2017.

This because eventually Tapastic will not be the ideal way to read Year In Hereafter. Or rather, Year In Hereafter is not ideal for Tapastic's platform. It never has.
Tapastic gives me invaluable tools and help to make my comic be seen, which I honestly dread to give up... Like I said, PR is not my strong suit and I have absolutely no knowledge of making my work known around the web. It would mean a huge amount of stress and me just being utterly clueless and lost all the time.

Still, I'd really love a place where I can publish comfortably however I want for the sake of the story.


PHEW wasn't that a mouthful.

Anyway, Holidays indeed are coming, Steam is going to take all the money that I ever have left, and I've got all that time to ponder these things in peace. Snow hasn't fallen yet and it's pretty depressing time of the year. Yeesh I wonder if we'll have another black Christmas...

ohh I wonder what miracles and joys will next year bring us in the game-industry... Yay!!

Opening Journal Entry

Tue Nov 3, 2015, 8:01 AM



This deviantART-account is dedicated to the "quality" artwork and to promote current projects.

And actually this journal is here for the graphic delight and to bring some life to my DA-profile. Oh-hoh-hoh

As my primary obligation I author a web comic on Tapastic called Year In Hereafter, and I have a Tumblr-blog for pretty much everything else. Livestream announcements, sketches etc.

Year In Hereafter by MikaelHankonen

Year In Hereafter, shortly YIH, is a fantasy tale surrounding the most basic of Finnish Folklore and tales, a solid story of one year of adventure in a parallel universe called Kalevala.

You can start reading YIH from here!

I also have a print-shop over at Redbubble's, which can be found at here if you feel generous and want to support me doing art.

(I am so broke all the time...)
You can purchase prints from DA too, but Redbubble's prints are far superior in quality.