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This is a page of Small Trolls, a webcomic made by me and ElliPuukangas .
Composition, thumbnailing and colour is my job, Elli does penciling, inks and lettering.

It is a comic about childhoods of Jáhko and Veeti, tribal children of the north, who make friends with all sort of mystical creatures in the woods and as they go through their childhood years and teens.

The comic has been on a hiatus for a long while and we're finally looking for a chance to get it back.
In order to do so, we'd need to cover some finances that it takes to make one of these pages. ♥

We've made a goal of $200 to start with. With that, we could make one page per month, and we're trying to campaign our way to that very goal.
Any help would be appreciated~ We want to get this comic back to production.

If you're interested in giving us a hand, please do consider taking a look at our Patreon page!

- We upload multiple times per week
- We do comic work in progress shots
- Weekly sketch requests
- And we reward our pledgers and mail physical products we make with the help of you guys~

We're also working on our own titles, I do Year In Hereafter and Elli does Tistow with Mark Thomas, which we share frequent material about.

Right now we're sitting at $123 , so we still need around $80 to make that goal. 
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