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Halloween 2016

Oh goodness, I don't think I've ever really drawn anything for Halloween! So I decided to do something quick.

Not that I dislike Halloween, it's just not a thing in my country, unless you want a reason to go out, wear a costume, and be like... pretty, pretty hard drunk. And I've never had the urge to do those things together, and I'll skip it this weekend too. x3

But! Something from me for this year, and it was quite fun to scrap up! Oh, and that's Veeti from my webcomic Year In Hereafter. In clothes that definitely do not exist in the comic's universe tho. It's a bit of a spicy twist to his character I guess!

New to Year In Hereafter? Well here's quite conveniently a link to it.
You can also support me (and my co-worker ElliPuukangas ) through our Patreon. 


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Adobe Photoshop CS5
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I love your style! I'll have to start reading your webcomic <3
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Ahaha oh thank you very much! x3 ~ Glad you enjoyed the picture!
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Hahaha, his face looks priceless! "Why would you make me wear these stuff, woman?!" :XD:
I really liked the colours and sketchy lines in this though
In Turkey, we don't celebrate Halloween at all, but in America here, it's like the most important thing after Christmas I suppose! There was Halloween stuff out from AUGUST like dude, it's not even September!! :noes: But well, it's almost an American thing honestly, as far as I observe..
Happy Halloween already, I guess!
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That looks really cool!! I love the dark look of it all and the look in his eyes! :D
I for one love Halloween, but I have the same problem as you do. We hardly celebrate it at all here in Sweden.. At least in a proper way. It's just for youngsters to dress up weirdly and get shitface-drunk while in them.. 
But I myself, love Halloween for it's atmosphere, the feel and the colours, but most of all I feel it's special as a time to celebrate those who has passed away. We've had plenty of death in my family, so Halloween is a time for us to settle and remember all those we've loved and still love. <'3
I also just love the creativity that the holiday brings! :3
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Oh yeah, somebody else just mentioned me that they do reminisce those who've passed on for Halloween, and I have to honestly say I had no idea it's actually a tradition for some people!

Thank you very much tho, it's true that Halloween is a fun time to be a little bit more creative x3
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Are you a good witch or a bad witch.....
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Probably just generally unimpressed. =w=
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