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December 19, 2020
500th page celebration by MikaelHankonen
Featured by DrZime
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500th page celebration

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Well, on the website it's pagenumber 491, but as a working page it's the 500th. :B Eccentrities of sometimes uploading two pages and extra content at once.

Aaa! After 4,5 years of drawing, Year In Hereafter finally reached it's mid-point. Or at least the ESTIMATED mid-point... It's either exactly that, or slightly past it. Very happy, looking forward to starting the last half of this project. ♥ There's gonna be a lot of snow which probably isn't a surprise to the active readers.

If you are an active reader, thanks for being with the whole YIH crew.

If you're interested in checking Year In Hereafter out, there's the link to it. :3
It's my webcomic, or graphic novel, whichever you prefer.
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HawkHunting's avatar

congratz on the midway checkpoint

(also wow for daily deviation)

MikaelHankonen's avatar

Thank youuuu! And thank you for having read it for such a long time

KIERAL's avatar

Cool work. c:

MikaelHankonen's avatar

Splendid drawing!

LanawynTheBlueElf's avatar


do you think you can draw an elven city next?

Tinselfire's avatar

The critter on the center right is adorable.

MikaelHankonen's avatar

Thank you!! Mangled little creatures

Kittenstar-Twinkles's avatar

Wow awesome project! Congrats on your 500th page.

MikaelHankonen's avatar

Thank you very much, its been a long journey~

Kittenstar-Twinkles's avatar

Looks like an amazing one at that.

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Wuhuuuu that's huge!

Congratulations on this special day, and vappu has nothing to do with it. What a journey it has been, seeing your progress during all these years. I remember when I saw your drawing (of Ghonu) for the first time and thought: holy hell this one has some serious skills! I've always looked up to you and your art. It's always inspiring. A comic is something many of us dream about making but you have actually gone and done it with a triumph.

Happy 500th. I salute you.

MikaelHankonen's avatar

Aw oh my god, that's such a flashback-moment right there. Likewise, really enjoyed people from the same circling enjoying their own OC's so much (Hakuro was great). Did wonders to becoming interested in storytelling and everything :'3 (And thanks for always being so considerate and checking up, that's really sweet of you)

Korpikuu's avatar

Indeed! I wondered that all that rpg history just might have left its mark on your storytelling skills. What an useful hobby. And of course I keep checking up on you. You are one of the few people from that old circle that are still here (on dA)! I wish those other two people I actively keep in contact with would do some oc art themselves, but it's fun this way too, drawing their oc's and nailing it using only the oc's info or sketches they give me.

I still love drawing my old oc's and making new ones and thinking what stories they have behind them. It's almost like creating a comic... without pages, hah. :]

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