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Dream #1.

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Today I had 3 dreams. I wrote them down in my notebook and now I'm drawing them. cx *laughs* I came up with a story for the 1st dream. It's a bit personal, actually, a whole lot personal but I thought, "why not?". 

This story is created from my point of view. c:

    I opened my eyes and tried to figure out where I was. My curiosity was kicking in and I circled around a bit. The buildings looked awfully familiar and I knew that I had been there before. "How?..", I asked myself. This wasn't a deja vu feeling. I felt like I was supposed to be living in this time period. I stared blankly forward. "..I was here with Joshua before..", I said to myself. I remembered now. This was in Little Tokyo, among downtown of Los Angeles. I looked to my left. A church was there. I thought it looked nice, but, as many people, the church wasn't really my friend nor enemy. Just a different religion which I felt no comfort in. Regardless, I walked over to it. I went inside and looked at the people who prayed. I payed my respects to their religion as I walked out from the church. I was at the back of the church from the looks of it. The decorations were nice. But then I finally realized what culture it was. "..Latinos.", was my first impression. I made my way to the other side of the street and noticed all this small shops. They were all Latino culture. I stared at the clothes. They looked nice, very very nice. My favorite one was usually 'el matador', even though I really was against hurting bulls for entertainment. "Cruel..well, everywhere in the world is cruel.", I said to myself. I walked to the middle of the crowd and stared forward. I felt my eyes widened. I was actually in the middle of a crowd. Something I didn't like due to my paranoia. I sighed quietly, I looked down. I felt surprised to see what I was wearing. A 'hero' wasn't supposed to walk among the 'normal' people, yet I was doing so. I noticed men looking at women with lust. Some were looking at other men which, of course, I avoided eye contact. Not like I was scared of them, but I didn't want any part of that side. I noticed women kissing with their same gender. My eyes light slowly faded knowing that they had their own type of happiness. Happiness.. what was that, anyway?. Was it really just a feeling of harmony?. I thought feelings were pathetic. Literally. I could be at a birthday party and wonder why people used candles. To me, the birthday song was very haunting. I felt chills run down my spine. I always thought birthday songs sounded like they were cursing you to live more years until you die. Oh, that was really scary to think about. Urgh. I noticed people bullying others by sight. They gave them nasty looks yet the others didn't even notice it. I snorted a bit. It was stupid how people bullied each other. I mean, what's so great about it?. I hate them. I stopped myself right there. I knew my dark side was coming and I surely didn't want to think about karma. "Kill them.", was my first thought. Any serial killer could be walking among me. And if I'm lucky, I might not be the next target. I heard a familiar voice walking down the shops. I didn't turn around. I already recognized the childish cocky voice. It was mine. "Hah! you're so chubby, Josh you should really stop eating!", "Oh shut up man! I eat food so I don't get to be a bony ass like you!", "Gulp that down with your food dude.", I heard my voice and my ex-friend Joshua. I stared forward and felt someone bump to my shoulder. "Oh! sorry..", my red eyes gazed to the left side. I knew it. It was my 10 year old self. I looked so tiny and happy. Sociable too. 'Sociable...', the words struck me like lightning. I wasn't this kid anymore. The bullies had taken all of my happiness away. At this age, I was still my real self. Which was nice. "..Hm..", I simply nodded my head. My younger self stared at me. His eyes filled with curiosity. "Mister, why are your eyes red?", I stared at him for a couple of seconds. That question can't be answered but I simply said, "Disease.", my younger self got it. He smiled at me, and then waved his hand. I believe that was the motion of, 'see you later' and 'goodbye'. Although, goodbye was probably a horrible thing to say. I slightly lifted my hand and waved slowly. Joshua was scolding my younger self, telling 'me' not to talk to strangers. And as always, my cocky attitude caught in and merely responded with, 'Eat your food'. I was a happy kid back then. I wonder if I'm a psychopath now.

Hope you like it! xD 
Based on a true story. x'D
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This piece would be perfect for a project we are developing -- an online gallery for artists who have been bullied or who explore the theme of bullying in their work. It's called the You Will Rise Project. Check it out here: and read the "Submit Work" section for details about sharing your work on our site. Thanks!
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Thank you very much! :D
I will check it out and possibly share it too! I would love to. :)
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I really like the story and the art! 
I'm really curious for the next two.
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Wow man. Blaze was right. you really are the first person that gets my curiosity going. Which is good cause not everyone can do that with me. XD
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Wow... This was incerdible!
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O.o Dang. That's deep.
To have a dream about seeing your younger self is truly incredible and a meaningful experience.
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I love the drawing and the story :D
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cool story XD i liked it
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Nice story and Happy B-Day Miki! :3
Dysfunctional-Horror's avatar the blond kid wearing a KoRn shirt?

I noticed the words on it spelt out one of their song titles.
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Awesome :D
favorite band right there! KoRn i mean cx
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