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truly amazing artwork. thank you for sharing your talent

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This just may be the most epic Dresden image I've ever found.

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That's an amazing image!
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Awesome image!  Out of curiosity, did you give Jake Vyper permission to use it in his article on Epic Stream?…

I only ask because Priscilla from team Butcher was asking him to take down the article as it was done without Jim's permission or respect... So I wouldn't have been surprised if Jake stole your image to top his article without paying you for it, or even asking your permission.
Beautiful work!! Love the background! Both Harry and Thomas look like Ive always pictured them.
DrazziElder's avatar
-sobs- It's so perfect
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arghh! This is so amazing! I love this picture - not only because of the amazing characters, but also because of the background. The fire and ice thing is gorgeous! :)
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aaaaand I just found a new desktop background
Amazing work. Detail I'd recommend is that Dresden uses his right hand to hold the staff (freeing up his left hand for shield bracelet). But wow. The work itself is stunning.
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I love the look of this. My only complaint (which is a matter of my personal taste vs you doing anything wrong) is that Harry doesn't seem rugged enough to me. I picture him a little more beat up (scarred or craggy?I don't know). Love the details, colors & expressions. Keep up the fantastic work!!
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holy CRAP you do good dresden art. that is just how I imagine harry and tommy looking o.o;;;;
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This is so gorgeous oh my go *_*
As someone who's read the Dresden Files backwards, forwards and sideways, I have to say that this is some of the best fanart, best art, that I have ever seen.
Thank you, CaptainofVingilot, for such a sweet comment. It means a lot to me.
And I'm so glad to see another fan of the Dresden Files! :D
Simply brilliant...
Thank you, damccasl :)
Love this. One of the most appealing things about Harry currently, for me, is that he now commands two opposing forces, fire and ice. I love that they are both represented here. And the addition of Thomas is excellent. Wonderful job!
I'm flattered to hear that. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, Aurora :)
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Oh, Thomas! :love: And I love the ice & fire concept. :)
Glad you liked it. Thank you, AletheiaFelinea ;)
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I have known your work before but OH MY GOD you keep getting better! <3
Thank you so much for still liking my fanart, nanaleonti :D
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Oh. My. God.  This is the best Dresden art I've ever seen.  Phenomenal.  
Thank you for such a nice words, LilyTree. :)
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