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Murphy / The Dresden Files

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LadyEl's avatar

I have to say, the thumbnail made it look like she had a bazooka or rpg. Which fits her just as much as the handgun she actually is wielding, I have to say. :D

rkent36's avatar

This is fricking awesome. But now, I desperately want to see your take on Lara Raith. :)

dourden30's avatar
I love it! The hair cut, the facial expression, the clothes, the body language... Heart 
DeathHuntress's avatar
Wow this looks amazing! Am I the only one who thought of Black Widow (avengers)? But what the hell are those things behind her!?
frontierwriting's avatar
I wish some of your art was for sale here.
Wyrdafell's avatar
Karrin Murphy is the most precious human being. I adore her. Your art is so amazing. The way she looks and the way you caught her in the middle of moving around is marvellous!
DraigonSwords's avatar
Wow, this is about as close to how I've imagined her as I have seen, awesome job
LadyxChrii's avatar
this is. BY FAR. the BEST Karrin Murphy I've ever seen.
It looks to me as though she's mouthing the first digraph of a bad word just as she realizes that the nasty things with the glowing red eyes are actually right behind her.

Very nice work, by the way.
KittyKross's avatar
OH my gosh, you're right! It totally looks like she's going "Sh*t!" LOL
I'm very pleased by your interpretation of this piece! Thank you for such a lovely comment, scrawl1971 :D
I chuckled because you used everyone else's first name, but automatically used Karrin's last name. Your art is fabulous....I love it.
Haha! You're right I hadn't noticed! :D Thank you for enjoying them, anjelinalove. ;)
Jackfoo's avatar
This and Thomas are exactly how I pictured them in the books. Most of these are spot on from my mind-pictures, but these two are the best, IMO.
Thank you, Jackfoo. I'm so glad to hear that. :D
skeleton-meme's avatar
oh my gosh, this is so cool!!!!
Thank you, skeleton-meme. :)
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