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[MMD] Tropical Rouge PreCure Download

Laura is now in the pack as well!


Also the poses were made by my friend JellyHeartsMMD 

Update (21|06|21):
Bullet Pink I added Cure La Mer
Bullet Pink I fixed small glitches the models had

Update (05|04|21):
Bullet Pink I added Laura
Bullet Pink I fixed a rigging issue with Cure Flamingo's eyes

Update (04|04|21):
Bullet Pink I added Cure Flamingo 
Bullet Pink I fixed all of their hands to move more smoothly
Bullet Pink Cure Summer has an extra hair bone now
Bullet Pink All of the Cures are smaller now to match my other PreCure models
Bullet Pink I added a shine to all of the blink, smile and wink facials
Bullet Pink Some of the Cures have their wink facials now (I forgot to add them before)
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Well there one more to go now, If u know what I'm saying!

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Is it okay if I use this in VRChat?

MijumaruNr1's avatar
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Hi! Your work is lovely ^^, I cant find the rules, but i dont want to assume there aren't any so i would like to ask if its possible to maybe take the skirt of Cure summer? in my case, i dont distribute my edits so i would just use it for personal use on my model edits. (i still give credits on videos) Hope you reply soon cuz i really want to use it but i wont do anything without your permission.

MijumaruNr1's avatar

Hey! Thank you! All of my PreCure models are fully editable and redistributable! ^^

I probably should add readmes to the next updates I put up!

MartukkiCheese's avatar

Yeah it would be very useful! personally, everytime i download a model i need the rules readme, Otherwise i feel insecure while im using it cuz im afraid to break some rule without noticing ;-; Thanks so much for the permissions and keep the good work!

MijumaruNr1's avatar

I definitely agree! I've already added a readme to a few of my models (Fresh PreCure, DokiDoki PreCure, Cure Echo) so adding some to the others will be easy! Thank you! ^^

Faces and bodies of your models look too flat. Do you have any plan to fix it?

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please be nicer when giving artists critiques on their works

MijumaruNr1's avatar

The bodies are actually supposed to be this flat but I'll keep that in mind when it comes to the heads! I won't be fixing it for the models I've already made though because I'd have to completely make the heads again

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And finally Laura is here!

These are the highest quality precure models upp for dl in my opinion! And they're made from scratch! You have really improved so much :happybounce:

MijumaruNr1's avatar

Thank you!! I think there are some better ones but that still means a lot to me! ^^

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You're welcome :D

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I have to finish Star Twinkle PreCure and finally watch this.

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You're welcome!! ^-^

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(also still waiting for ykhip to finish the other tr models)

MijumaruNr1's avatar

I bet some people were actually scared I'd pull an April Fools on them! I'm actually really surprised Ykihp and HutariwaP haven't made models for Tropical Rouge yet besides Ykihp making Cure Summer!

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Honestly i am still going to wait until ykihp does them so i can compare them

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these look lovely!

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